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Vampire. vs .Werewolf?

Asked by wrestlemaniac (810points) August 19th, 2008

let’s get ready to ruuuumble? in the blue corner, he hails from Romania, at a weight of 200 Lbs, he is the immortaaaal Vaaaampiire!!, and fighting out of the Red corner his origins unknown, at a weight of 400 Lbs the fearsome weeeerreeewooolf!!, ready, (bell rings) okay, my bets are on the Vampire, cause he has hands and he can stab the wolf with a silver blade, who do you guys think would win.

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…got me there, man.

I’ll tell you one thing, mister, the Chupacabra will whip both of their asses.

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Vampire. Werewolves get a little stupid when they morph. So not only does the vampire have brains on his side, he also has lightning-quick speed.

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yes yes i couldn’t resist i saw the ballots and narrowed it down to two final contesters and well here is the result a fight in the fantasy octagon.

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so the vampire has a silver blade? does the werewolf have any weapons? maybe some garlic or holy water?

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Vampire. They are smarter, quicker, and can regenerate at amazing speed. Practically untouchable!

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it’s a street fight anything goes.

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and werewolves can regenerate too.

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and depending on your mythology source, werewolves can have hands, too. (Not that they’d need ‘em assuming the vamps can be defeated by decapitation, or by being dragged out into sunlight).

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no sun, it’s night time, forgot to mention that, and other then that like i said anything goes.

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what is this Chupacabra?

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werewolf… duh!!!

FW’s Live

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If, by “anything goes,” you mean that time is stopped and the earth’s rotation no longer will bring the sun around, while still allowing our fighters to go at it, well… okay.

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No one really knows but some think it looks like this.

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‘round these here parts, we know Chupacabra actually looks like this.

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This reminds me of the movie Underworld.

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vamp-wolf. I think underworld solved this question for us.

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@rob- Hahaha, yeah, that’s cabra in my skillet.

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Vampire! If the werewolf attacks him, unless he has a wooden stake on hand, the vampire won’t die or be injured. The werewolf, however, could be easily injured, and all the vampire would have to do would be to bite the heck out of him!

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but the wolf can tear apart the vamp.

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and a stake can kill a vamp, and like i said anything goes, even hell.

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@trudacia—Werewolves have built-in weapons. Claws and teeth. When the werewolf rips the vampire to useless tatters before it has a chance to draw that dagger, it won’t matter that it was silver.

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I was gonna say Werewolf until you put a knife in Dracula’s hand. No fair!

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This is like asking who would win in a fight between a whiny emo kid and a lumberjack.

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people i said anything goes, Dracula doesn’t necessarily need a knife.

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Move the fight to underwater (like they pushed themselves over a cliff together in the tussle)... and the vamp wins.

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but vampires can’t cross water without their coffins, which pretty much rules out the possibility of Phelps being a vampire.

the werewolf, on the other hand, would probably just smell like wet dog. He either defeats the vampire or makes a smooth getaway.

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i dont care what people say about werewolves becuase we all know that they could kick any vampires ass any day of the week. thats why vampires need weapons becuase they cant handle a werewolve. on most of the movies the werewolves win. and dracula come on he always gets beat, but he does come back dont get me wrong he’s cool. his people sucks though they cant handle werewolves. bottem line. Werewolves are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy better than vampires…..... damn blood suckers

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