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Is that jelly still here who quotes other jellies?

Asked by mazingerz88 (22123points) August 17th, 2018 from iPhone

I forgot the name of this jelly who posted on his page catchy and memorable quotes from other jellies. Raise your hand if that’s you. If not maybe you know this jelly?

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That would be Future Memory & unless they lurk or use another name, they’re not here anymore.
Was a strange thing to do, I mean, if cherry picking quotes from your mates here is how you wanna go then fair enough, but jeezus man, get a life :D

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Fundevogel possibly, another jelly greatly missed, though I think he was a she.

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@flutherother Many of our most clever Jellies are gone; I miss Hobbes too and Fyrius,

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He quoted me once and I just want to see it again. : )

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I too think it might have been FutureMemory. He’s been gone for quite a long time, and I do miss him.

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@Jeruba Makes me wonder if he chose his name Future Memory to mean we would have memories of him in the future. Which is well, today. : )

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