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What's the best moisturizing skin-care product that's not in the caviar price range?

Asked by Jeruba (48164points) August 18th, 2018

I need something for feet and hands that will work to relieve dry skin. Thought I’d never have this problem, because my skin was more than oily enough when I was younger, but here I am.

I’m not familiar with the products, and who can extract relevant facts from ads and packaging? I’d like some personal recommendations.

Thank you.

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Pond’s Dry Skin Cream. I stopped buying expensive skin stuff 26 years ago and my skin is great… daughter is jealous…really. I wash my face with Kirk’s soap, wipe with witch hazel, and apply Pond’s Dry Skin Cream. That has been my routine for 26 years. I no longer even own makeup.

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I’m very happy with Lubriderm for body skin.

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I have used Eucerin on my feet happily for years. As for the rest of me, my daughter is always gifting me with lovely smelly stuff. :-)

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I have very dry skin. And live in a very dry area. High desert. What works for me is Aveeno Skin Relief Skin repair cream. On the label it says “intense” moisture. It works for me and I get a tub of it (eleven ounces) at Walmart for under $10. I use it all over after shower. Unscented. I have tried lots of more expensive moisturizers which don’t do the job.

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Eucerin was recommended by a dermatologist to me years ago. It is very moisturizing. I don’t like to use it under clothing.

Pretty much any moisturizer you use, if you use it consistently, will probably suffice. Lubridern is another popular one that is recommended. But, if you prefer something that smells pretty, then get a pretty smelling one.

If your hands are extremely dry, Vaseline petroleum one evening will heal dry skin incredibly well. You can put it on for just a few hours, and you will feel a difference.

Know that, putting on moisturizer, and then if you wash your hands, the moisturizer is basically gone.

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The Vaseline thing is good for hands and feet. When I lived up north where it was cold every few days I put Vaseline on my hands and feet and covered with gloves and socks overnight. the next morning I had skin like a baby.

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I like the routine of moisturise with a good fatty product (but I like mine to be vegetable or animal based, not mineral) and then put on cotton gloves and socks over night. I love a good salt scrub, actually. I’ll mix up some salt with just enough castor/almond oil to make sort of a paste and rub it on my hands and feet and just rinse off. It’s exfoliating on the feet and I need that after running around barefoot or in sandals all summer.

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Best skincare – ‘the ordinary ‘ line. Neutrogena retinols. Good price, good results.

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