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Would you say something?

Asked by ItalianPrincess1217 (11614points) August 19th, 2018

If a client (or someone in their family) altered your professional photos and then shared them on social media, would you say something to them about it? Assume they’ve purchased the photos and have print rights. Also assume your business name is being tagged in said photos so it appears as though you’ve edited these photos yourself, even though you didn’t. Do you let it go or say something to the clients?

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I would let them get a letter from my lawyer.

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I would say something. And possibly talk to a lawyer about it.

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If you gave them print rights I don’t think I would say anything, I definitely would not take legal action. I don’t think there is anything wrong with you saying to them that you would appreciate if your company isn’t tagged if the photo is altered.

I think you should put a line in your contract in the future specifying you don’t want your company tagged if the photo is altered.

What exactly did they do to the photo?

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Talk to them, and make them add an “edited by xxx” to the image.
Immediately going the lawyer route is a supremely asshole thing to do, and will have a really good chance of you losing a client, and future clients, because he will definitely not recommend your services.

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Print rights doesn’t give them the right to name you and link you. Perhaps they think they are doing you a favour? I had a friend who’d accountant did this. He went to her place of business and took photos (she wasn’t there. An employee was there.) and suddenly, they were all over his website and he was ‘featuring’ her business on his site. She had a talk, he thought he was helping her and so he agreed to take down some of the photos she didn’t like, but left one nice one up along with a little blurb about the business they could agree on. If you sign to say they have the right to use your photo for promotional purposes, I think that’s that, but I don’t think they can use your name and business link unless you say it’s ok. For me it isn’t a legal thing, but just business ethics, really.

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Talk to them. @raginloli has a really good answer.

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@JLeslie The photos had tacky filters (probably from Instagram) added. So the quality is now significicantly diminished and they also look a lot different from the cohesive look of the set I gave them. I take a lot of time to make sure my photos mesh well together. These photos look very off compared to the rest, including a much warmer color balance.

@ScienceChick They tagged me to say something along the lines of “Our wedding photographer was great, we love our photos.” I normally appreciate the recognition and they’re technically supposed to at least tag me in any photos they share. It helps potential clients see my work. I just don’t want my name tagged if I didn’t actually edit the photos that way.

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Well, print rights would not be the legal focus here.
Defamation probably would be a starting point.

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I think people realize bad quality is just because of how it was scanned or something in the transmission of the photo. They posted something very positive; they were recommending you. It sounds ok to me, but I haven’t seen the photo, and it isn’t my artwork, so I don’t mean to diminish how concerned you are.

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This is your personal data and it cannot be used without your consent at all according to the GDPR. You have rights to be erased.

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I will sue them probably.

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