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Are some Mods signed to certain Jellies?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (15750points) August 19th, 2018

I do have to hand it to them they are really quick at pulling questions, for the littlest of a mistake.
But take hours of making sure the mistake that got them all bent out of shape has been corrected, and reposting the question.
Is that to make sure by that time the question is so deep no one will go back to it?
I wish they would take driving as seriously, as they take punctuation errors.
The reason I bring this up, I have seen questions with big punctuation errors go unchecked, while others get pulled for the littlest error.
So again are Mods assigned to certain Jellies?

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No, it’s just a question of whether any mods are on duty and how much time they have. We’re down to very few mods right now so it is sometimes hit or miss whether things get pulled or not and how soon they get put back up..

And I think your comment about driving is a bit uncalled for. You have no idea how seriously or carefully they drive so don’t accuse them.

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Some jellies may flag something too. Making it more likely to be assessed by a mod.

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How do you know how the mods drive???

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I classify them with the general public, and they all drive BAD, but think they are the best.

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And for calling out driving wether they drive bad or good, if I can just a few to actually think about driving, maybe our roads will become just a tad safer.

And that comment wasn’t directed at the Mods, just every one that drives at all.
People who think they are a great driver scare me the most,I still have a lot to learn and I have driven over 3 million kilometres.

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Yes, @SQUEEKY2, you have made it very clear to us that you are the only safe driver.

Look at the mod list, recognize that they are here when they are here, they have lives and jobs and kids and they deal with stuff that is flagged and they are likely not persecuting you, no matter how special you feel.

And your question should read ”Are some mods assigned to certain jellies?”
But I won’t flag it because it is amusing.

And to which question this time are you referring? Link it, please, so we all can be as outraged as you.

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For someone that loves points you sure missed this one @canidmajor .
I admit I still have a lot to learn about driving, BUT when I am driving I am thinking about driving , not the next text, email, or shit I forgot to tell the wife something.

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@SQUEEKY2 Back to bad assumption and glaring generalization.

Like All Truck drivers are hop heads and on Speed.

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Oh bad assumptions huh, this video is stuff I witness almost everyday on the job…

And yes there are BAAAD truck drivers , but brain dead car drivers have them way out numbered.

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[Mod says] We do our best to approve pending questions as quickly as possible. We know it’s frustrating to ask a question and then be forced to wait until you see it back online.

However, as others have said, we can’t be on Fluther every waking (and sleeping?) moment. If we did we’d all be destitute and deranged. I personally would love to see Fluther get the 24/7 paid moderation it deserves, but I don’t have that kind of money.

You can be certain we’re not singling you out for minor mistakes. If we were pouncing on minute issues, we would have modded about five more of your recent questions based on the titles alone.

So yes – questions (yours and others’) slip through despite small typos all the time. But if we see them, we send them back. And if you see any, feel free to flag them for us.

I don’t drive, so the streets are safe for now.

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I would not like to have certain mods looking after me. Tis better for all to be judged by all mods equally.

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I’m a driving instructor. Also, I think you meant “assigned.”

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Sorry I think you are most correct.^^^^^

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Some people have Mods assigned; some have Rockers!

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I think everyone should have their own personal mod, 1 mod per user :) You’d have to check in with your mod periodically. Now that’s safe Fluthering ;)

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@Demosthenes Maybe we should have a chain around our ankles that dings in our mod’s house when we make a mistake? Or is there an app for that? (Can I have longgone, pretty please?)

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Oh, and by “certain mods,” I did not mean any particular mods specifically, but rather, more generally, “certain mods.” (If that helps clear up any confusion.)

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I’ll take a moderate over a liberal please.

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I’ll take a snowflake. They don’t follow the crowd. They are unique.

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And I’ll take that as a complement! ;D

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un Mod says] I pulled your question because..OH NO! <CRASH!!> ;-o

Seriously though, there are only 3 mods, and it seems that only 2 of them have been visibly active.

However, the third one was logged in yesterday, so apparently she’s still an active part of the staff.

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@Brian1946 The only “she” currently on the staff logs in every day. The other two mods are a “he” and a “they.”

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