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What’s the best bread to dip in runny sunny side-up egg?

Asked by mazingerz88 (21915points) August 20th, 2018 from iPhone

I find Challah with raisin a good bread for this. Open to suggestions. Thanks.

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I like Rye with Caraway Seeds.

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I don’t know but just wondered, do yankee bandidos call thinly cut strips of toasted bread for dipping in their eggs “soldiers” like what we do? :D

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French baguette.

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I’m I evil for preferring my eggs over-hard?

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I use normal white bread with a little bit of butter.

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White Texas toast, with melted butter, is good too.

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I regularly have organic multigrain toast with my poached eggs at the local coffee shop/diner. But toasted fresh sourdough baguette is hard to beat.

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Buttered whole wheat. (1 gram sugar per serving/slice)

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I would like regular white toast. Even better I like sunny side up over rice, but that’s not the question.

I haven’t had a sunny side up egg in years.

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Sourdough. Sourdough is the best for all tasks.

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