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Do you think Trump realizes how inferior he is compared to Obama?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44181points) August 20th, 2018

Or hell. Inferior compared to any other president we have ever had. But especially Obama.

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No, pretty sure he thinks he’s terrific ha!

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Depends on what measure he is being scored against.
I liked Obama as a person much more than Trump but he was mediocre as a president.
As much spew has come out of the oval office Trump has yet to pull us into conflict with the middle east or elsewhere like previous Republicans have. I’m sure he thinks he is the best ever though. Not sure why you are asking other than to keep stirring up Trump bashing. Not that it’s not deserved but damn, enough already.

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I mean, somewhere, deep, deep down…does he know? And is he trying to compensate in the only way he knows how…by being a bully?

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Deep down he realizes that, I am pretty sure.
Not only Obama, but most of mankind.

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Got that right @rebbel.

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Trump is a fake president. He is completely out of his depth and should have stuck to running casinos or speculating in property. He exists in the White House as a man alone with little idea of what the government he ostensibly runs is for or should be doing. Instead of running the country he sends tweets to his followers. As long as he has their support he probably feels he is doing something right. If he loses their support he will be nothing.

He can’t be compared to Obama. Obama was President of the United States of America. Trump just happens to be in the White House.

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I doubt he realises much of anything.

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I think he knows how things are changing for Korea.
I think he knows a great many people are behind him.
I think the people who expected him to push buttons like an escaped monkey in a computer lab are disappointed he hasn’t.
I think some puffed up, chest thumping leaders understand they should take him seriously. And politicians who thought he would be a pushover are disappointed.
But, if being a better president means making baskets almost as good as high school athletes, and watching Navy SEALS on a monitor, then no, I guess he is not aware.

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Sure he knows he just hopes that we don’t.
He is insecure and buoys himself up as no one else does for him.

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This has got to me new to him. In his private world he could really control who was around him and what he heard. But now he has the whole world just throwing eggs and rotten vegetables at him.

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Do narcissists ever entertain thoughts like that, I would be surprised.

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Considering the contrasts, it actually borders on cruelty to bring the subject up. The man exudes a mob boss attitude toward the world and his place in it. You could snatch Frank Nitti straight out of an Utouchables episode and you would have Trump in the flesh. We’re talking about a man whose idea of class is to have your name in 5 foot gold letters slapped on the exteriors of ugly buildings.

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I think he is still in a state of shock from winning the election.

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I’ve never seen such an example of the Dunning-Kruger effect in all of my life. What are the polls saying now? Is there confidence in him there? Of course we hate him over here and we’re going to build even more windmills by his horrible golf courses.

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He doesn’t think he’s inferior. He believes he’s done a lot of good. My guess is he does have moments of insecurity though.

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Trump thinks that what he is doing is in the best interests of the country, at least its wealthier citizens, who he thinks are the only ones that matter.

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He thinks what he is doing is in the best interests of himself. He does not give a fuck about anyone else.

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That’s right @ragingloli . That was my reaction too.

I think he is one big blob of insecurity which he tries to cover up by making an ass of himself.

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I saw a meme that one gas station was offering free gas if trump goes one day without doing something stupid….

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Oh, I believe he knows. It is why he has to keep harping on Obama and wants to destroy anything Obama did. Obama rose to fame in a short time and was very popular and still is around the world. Trump spend years cultivating his status by mostly calling in shows pretending he was someone else, to say what a fantastic guy he was. And going on reality shows and dating models and running beauty pageants. He wanted to be like Huge Hefner. Popular with pretty women and rich and world known. The ultimate play boy. And out of no where a youngish black man with a clean back ground and without needing to buy his success becomes popular around the world but most of all, RESPECTED! Trump with all his money and successes will never know such respect. I believe he craves it. And he thought the Presidency would give him that respect. But it just made him the Head Clown in a reality Circus show. He knows it. Only he has impulse control issues and it will forever be out of his grasp. Real respect is like real love. Money can’t buy either.

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You know what money can’t buy? People from North Korea visiting with family from South Korea for the first time in sixty years.
Molly Tibbitts life.
The best unemployment rates in half a century or better, across the board.

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“The claim that immigrants are less crime prone refers exactly to the type of findings [from his study and the one from Cato]: that the rate of crime within the immigrant community is lower than the rate of crime among U.S. citizens. OR, that communities with high levels of immigrants tend to have lower crime rates than communities with fewer immigrants,” Light said. “And those statements are not contradicted by stating the number of offenses committed by immigrants (as the President did).”

“Imagine I were to claim that women are less violent than men, which is as close to a social fact that we have in criminology,” Light said. “And one were to reply saying that this isn’t true because in 2015 over 78,000 women were arrested for violent crimes, and nearly 1,000 were arrested for homicide. Those statistics in no way contradict the original statement that men tend to be more violent.”

Does Undocumented Immigration Increase Violent Crime?

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^^^ Where did that come from??

Very well said @Patty_Melt. I think the presidency was a shock to him in so many ways. I’m pretty sure he thought it means he had the power to do anything he wanted. The fact is,he’s more hog tied now than he ever was as a civilian.

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It puzzles the hell out of me that the severity of Trump’s cognitive shortfalls goes unacknowledged by so many of our fellow citizens. And by that I mean there’s an excellent chance that Trump actually does not understand that he is a criminal, that he has suurounded himself with criminals, and apparently harnessed his family members to criminal endeavors. It’s mind boggling.

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@Dutchess_III In response to @Patty_Melt Mollie Tibbitts life that implies that illegal immigrants commit more violent crimes than US citizens.

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OK. Well, perhaps you could start another thread on that subject? Or talk about it on this one. I don’t care.

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It implies nothing.
It merely states a girl is gone forever.
However, if you want to go that route, we tackle crime in the ways we can. Not all crimes can be prevented, but does that make a case for not trying? By enforcement of existing laws, many crimes can be prevented, many criminals punished.
Where majority rests I don’t care, so long as we prevent what we can.

You know that thing where someone sticks out their tongue, and blows, making an offensive sound, and sometimes splattering a bit?
Doing that now.

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I don’t care and raspberries are definitely a sound rebuttal.

That’s honestly deep.

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@Patty_Melt, Molly Tibbetts family wants drumpf to shut up. They don’t believe his racist statements that immigrants commit more crimes. Because, they don’t.

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When I quite nursing my son, quite abruptly, which I feel bad for, he became enraged. This normally easy going, placid kid, about 18 months old, Lord trying to blow raspberries at me, but he was crying to hard. That memory makes me cry. I would do it so differently now.

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—-^^^Where the hell did that come from, @Dutchess_III ? Maybe you could start another thread?—

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@Patty_Melt and @raum were talking about raspberries. What the hell. It got derailed a long time ago. Might as well keep it up.

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