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Is Archie Andrews a player?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13697points) August 20th, 2018

He dates both Betty and Veronica and other girls at the same time. Is that acceptable in todays culture? Can you really date more than one person at a time?

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It used to be dating was about getting acquainted.
Nowadays it is about getting…
That is a pretty big difference.
It was dating to find out if you are compatible, then go steady when you think you have a good match. It was a selection process, so dating around was encouraged.
Now people get laid without trading phone numbers, or last names.

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Dating was fun, thrilling in those times. Now, the decision to give one’s self sexually, is terrible pressure and guilt. It can border on rape.

My most precious memory was not sex and it was not even my first kiss. It was asking a girl I loved intensely and profoundly to go steady— and she said yes. My remaining time with her were filled with the wonder and dreams of love. It really disappoints me to hear that asking someone out is a sexual request or expectation. There’s just so much more respect and devotion and even romance to respecting, revering, and getting to know someone, making them the center of your world, the object of your dreams, and planning your life around them

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We should define terms.

Dating == You go in dates and stuff.

Boyfriend / Girlfriend == you only date a single person.

I like to shoot my shotgun at paint cans. I also like to fuck.

Romanticize the shit all you want. Fucking feels good and if you can do it safely it isn’t a bad thing.

If you are sure you won’t get/or get pregnant or AIDS and stuff. Feel free to fuck. I like it and you should too.

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