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Is there any way to alter a username once an account is created?

Asked by Yellowdog (6146points) August 20th, 2018

Several of us on Askville did that about ten years ago, usually for a day. Occasionally the changes were long term.

Are we able to modify an account user name on Fluther? How is it done?

Not wanting to change picture

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Ask the Mods !

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With Mods, all things are possible. In Mods we trust.

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[Mod says] Everyone gets one “free” name change, just like that. After that, we ask for reasons.

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There were two times when we all changed our avatars to one person for a few hours. That was quite hilarious. One was the Yarnpocalypse and the first one was AstroChuck madness.

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So, how do we change a username?

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^ Send us a message and we’ll change it for you.

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Can a user delete their account, and then ask to have it restored to the way it was? Like lurve, and all?
Or are they permanently gone?

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I think you can delete your account and replace it with one like it But you loose everything. Personally lurve and all that doesn’t matter much. I’m glad Fluther has it, but its not why I’m here.

The only good reason I can think to delete your account is if you have something personal or compromising or don’t want someone (such as an employer or potential employer) to figure out who you are. Otherwise, just quit posting I’ve already revealed a lot about myself but at the end of the day only my picture identifies me to people who know me, My name is Allardyce (Yallerdog was what they called me my years as a camp counselor) but I don’t care to expose my full self to the internet. Don’t mind too much when people DO figure out who I am if they look hard enough but why would anyone really want to? Just let Fluther be Fluther—its all kind of a cyber community and our identity are more or less avatars

You asked this before, near to one of my posts. Or mentioned it I have never done it, so why do you ask?

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^I was asking, because I was curious if other jellies would ever return. It was not involving you. I just thought I’d ask, on this thread, rather than start a whole thread about it.

I assumed that once deleted, it was permanent. Mainly because so many come back, under new names.

As far as lurve, I agree that it has little value, other than to indicate a jelly may have been here for a while. Again, I was curious about former jellies coming back…

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I really thought about leaving Fluther but soon found someone talking indirectly about me. @knowitall was talking about a Jelly leaving and @Sciencechick assumed it was me and was kind of demanding @knowitall reveal who I was. I came back after two days to explain to @knowitall what @sciencechick was taling about.

I really don’t see ANY reason to delete one’s account. It DOES seem that Fluther, like all social networking sights and even games, can take up an inordinate amount of time that could be spent doing something actually productive. I decided not to let hate run me off from Fluther, but I DO plan on leaving when a couple of things are worked out. Not out of disagreements or dialogue (well maybe indirectly) but because there are better things that need to be done with my time, and I really don’t think my presence here is helping anyone, not myself foremost.

The reason I’m here is to actually understand points of view of other people and cultures for writing fiction. I have a lot of ‘academic’ work on the part of the world I write about but actually want to understand their politics and mindset.

If I do break the habit I’ll just let the account lay dormant or idle,

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^Well. I doubt that you would believe me, but I think you are a vital part of this community. I don’t hate you. I’m sure that it could seem otherwise. If you left. I would miss you.

Just saying….

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@Yellowdog . I wish you would read some old threads, where @HypocrisyCentral, and I went at it. He was a Christian, conservative. From outside, it might look like we hated each other. The truth was, we enjoyed a good fight. He had some great points, and taught me a lot about Christianity. He was patient, with my ignorance, and I miss him dearly…

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Thank you—I respect you as a person like myself—struggling and trying to make sense the hatreds in the world and making it a better place.

We only ‘hate’ on Fluther when certain topics are involved. We are passionate about our causes and viewpoints but ‘cyberhate’ isn’t quite reality.

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^That’s right buddy. I respect, and admire you as well. Politics, are politics. I wish I was with you, when you got robbed/shot. I would have fucked those guys up. And I know that episode shaped your world view.

Peace n love YD:)

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@MrGrimm888 “Can a user delete their account, and then ask to have it restored to the way it was? Like lurve, and all?”

Yes, lurve and all.

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^Hmm. That’s interesting. I have not seen it, to my recollection. I guess it is because of the jelly’s decided not to choose that route…

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@MrGrimm888 The mods can move an account to “time out” and then reinstate it after the prescribed amount of time, i.e. one week.
I’ve seen it done more than once.

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@MrGrimm888 ”^Hmm. That’s interesting. I have not seen it, to my recollection. I guess it is because of the jelly’s decided not to choose that route…”

I’ve done it too many times with my old account (jonsblond.) One reason why some of us create a new account is because we are lurking and see something we want to answer but we know we’d have to wait for mod approval. Or if we want to ask something and need to wait for mod approval. It’s easier to quickly create a new account.

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