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Can you damage a deli slicer by using force on the blade when cleaning while it is operating?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19441points) August 25th, 2018

Basically cleaning with force while operating? Does it damage the motor or any other part of the deil slicer? With enough force to slow down the blade?

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Edit: A Professional Electric Food Slicer for a deli.

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Does the blade need sharpening ? ?

It should cut clean if sharp.

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@Tropical_Willie It is was still sharp… just needed cleaning. It’s lost its oomph. It was 20 years ago. I wonder if I owe my ex boss $1,000. I forced the blades to slow down to quick clean.

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Did it get sharpened in the last week ? ? ?

Thousands for what?
His mortgage payment ?

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Twenty years.
Sweetie, if your boss had any concerns, he would have mentioned it by now.
It belongs in the past. Leave it there.
You can’t enjoy today if you Wade through yesterday’s muck.

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Lateral pressure on the blade may bend it out of true. Especially while the machine is operating.

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I would be more concerned about damage to my had or loss of digits than anything.

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