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What do you think about Spanish soap operas?

Asked by dulcecorazon (105points) August 19th, 2008

I feel ashamed at it, especially all the slapping the women do, and the hitting the macho guy does, if you don’t agree i will give you a super-duper fluther slap!! :P

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I’ll tell you what i think (Spanish guitar Sound effect) it’s time wasting.

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they are pretty lame and should be considered porn.

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hahaha….I actually like them the women are gorgeous and the plots are over the top which makes them entertaining.. LOL

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I say Telenovelas (soap operas) offer some of the best and most juicy/cheesy combination of dialog & stiff acting you can get for your money, so enjoy it! Not all acting is supposed to be ‘There will be blood’, or ‘Shakespear in Love’ as far as acting/plot/dialog. Ugly Betty was adapted from one such telenovela, so they can be good entertainment (particularly when the writer runs herself/himself into a corner… (“Luis, you are back?! I thought you were dead” -“Oh no, the Dr. said I was just deeeply asleep.”)

Note: In all fairnes, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico and Puerto Rico have more than once made some fantastically good telenovelas, with great dramatic acting, snappy dialog and great locales.
And now, the epilogue of today’s episode…

- Carmela, trae a la nena, tengo que tengo algo que confesarles.
– Jenny, ven aca.
– Si mami, que quieres?
– Bueno Enrique, dinos de que se trata.
– Que you soy el padre de Jenny.
– Pero como?! Tu y yo nunca tuvimos sexo!
– No, eso no es cierto… recuerdas el hombre del antifaz con quien hicistes el amor el dia del Carnaval? Ese era yo.
– Enrique!
– Mi Carmelita!
– Papa!
– Hija!
– Falso!
– Abelardo? Que haces aqui?
– Vengo a desmentir a Enrique. El del antifaz y quien es el verdadero padre de Jenny soy yo. Enrique en realidad tu hermana gemela Beatriz que busca adoptar a tu hija cuando te encierren en el manicomio por loca.
– Yo loca?!
– Si. Dr. Livingston, please take Ms. Carmela Sinpechos to the Psychiatric Hospital for observation.
– Enrique?!
– No, es cierto, soy Beatriz…
– Mama!
– Hija!
– Abelardo, aka Beatriz, y Enrique, a coro): Carmencita!

Anunciador: “Queeeeee pasara?!!!... Sintonise el proximo Lunes para ver quien dice la verdad y quien mieeeeente!”


Note: Unless the Fluther moderator speaks Spanish dont expect this to remain for too long LoL

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That episode of Monk with the murder on the soap opera—Was that a Spanish soap opera? I think it was.

In that case, I think they are scary!

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uh, just being honest here, but spanish soap operas are HOT! so much passion and cleavage. cant tell what they are saying, but, woo, do they break the rules of prime time TV or what? even the female news anchors on spanish TV are, well, just so spicy! why do americans hide it all?

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Love ‘em!!! I don’t speak a word of Spanish and I love ‘em!!!

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@Bronx.. That was an awesome representation.. I can’t wait till next Monday.. LOL

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one word…

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I believe that you are a Spanglish Telenovela producer.

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Trust me, I’m not…

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I think they would be awesome!!! If I only knew what they were saying?

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