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Do you follow Trump on Twitter?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44145points) August 26th, 2018

I do. I like to be able to verify that he really has said some outrageously idiotic thing that’s floating around on FB. Sometimes I think “No way did even HE say that!” And when I check it turns out that yes, he sure as hell did.

It says he has 54 million followers. I wonder how many follow for the same reason I do.

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I don’t follow anyone like that. But I don’t use Facebook or Twitter, etc. I do follow a fluther of jellies.

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Yeah I don’t do the FB or Twitter thing either.

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I don’t tweet.

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I don’t tweet either.

I’m active on FB, though.

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I also am bereft of the “benefits”
from twitter, but there is little question that its upcoming function as a bottomless source of material justifying Trump’s removal from office is indispensable.

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I’m on Twitter but not following him. There’s no verification can safely assume it’s been said..)

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No, I’m not on twitter

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Good lord no. I don’t have the patience to listen to his stream of drivel whenever he decides to tweet.

I listen to a good bit of news, and they generally do a good job of repeating significant tweets.

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I refuse to acknowledge the man.

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No. However I logged back onto twitter. Still learning how to use it.

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Well. When Howard Stern was elbowing into existence, the most common answer from audience members, whether they were fans or hated him, was that they wanted to hear what he said next….

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I’m not on twitter. I find it useless. I made an account once to sign into something else but I never use it. It’s just filled with parasites. It’s why trump likes it. I do however come across his tweets on the news, or on political sites on Facebook from time to time.

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No, but I question that number.

It was pointed out about eighteen months ago that a very high number of his followers were bots, that many politicians and celebrities used bot services to pump up there numbers. And a lot of them are set to re-tweet anything that gets published by their source.

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I’m not on Twitter, but there are enough people who follow and share. There is absolutely a measure of salacious voyeurism involved. Like watching those shows about embarrassing body illnesses or that show hoarders. I know I shouldn’t take glee from those situations, but there is something about when it is over and I can think to myself, ‘OMG, that’s unbelievable. I’m so glad that isn’t me!’ (I’m so glad he’s not my president.)

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I check my Twitter maybe twice a year. I don’t folllow Trump. I think I follow about 6 people. I’ve never completely figured Twitter out.

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No, but I do check it from time to time.

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