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How do I get in on my friend's convos here?

Asked by Larssenabdo (553points) August 19th, 2008

I can find out what questions my friends have asked but not the ones they have answered; I’m unclear as to how to locate where my buds are hanging out here in Flutherland…

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Add them to your “My Fluther”.

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@rob; I love how you kept all the pronouns straight.

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@robmandu: Doesn’t “My Fluther” still just allow you to see the questions they’ve posted (but in a more collected format)?

@Larssenabdo: Search for their usernames.

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I believe My Fluther includes discussions that people I’m following have contributed to, whether they asked or answered the question.

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@rob You sure? I thought it was only questions. I have been searching user names to find people’s recent answers.

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Currently, “your fluther” does only show questions, not answers.

We have plans (very cool plans) for tracking questions that people in your fluther have answered, but they are still on the way. Please be patient. :)

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yes, Fluther stalking is about to hit.

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Thanks e’eybody!

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Well, I’ll be.

Did “My Fluther” used to do that? Or am I still living in a fantasy world?

Whatever… it should work that way. (Feature request!)

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Hey, I can’t even find the answers that I wrote. Just as well, probably.

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