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I want to remove visceral fat from my waist. What are the ways to do this?

Asked by gentleman2222 (36points) August 28th, 2018

I’ve tried Usana, Golo and Optifast and my waist is still large. What are some ways to remove visceral fat?
Would liposuction work?

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Liposuction is the only thing that will remove fat from your body. Be aware that it can come back. This may be of interest to you.

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Eat less calories, exercise, eat more vegetables and less other stuff.

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One thing that helped me was…

I joined a gym with a swimming pool. I’d walk in the shallow end until the water came up to just under my arm pits. I’d push up with my toes while twisting my upper & lower body in the opposite directions. Then I’d push up again twisting in the opposite directions. I started out doing 10 sets of 2 twists each. As time went by, I kept adding a few sets until I was up to 35 sets of 2 twists each. After getting out of the pool, I would sit in the sauna for as long as I could stand it…sometimes as long as 30 minutes. I only lost 20 pounds; but, I lost a ton of inches. Members were making bets that I had lost 50 pounds!!! I had my waist back & my legs looked very toned. Even my underarms tightened up some & my body went down 2 dress sizes.i was in my late 30’s when I did this. Exercising in the water took most of the stress off my legs & feet & I didn’t even feel like I was working out!!! We have a YWCA here that has a pool & they are a LOT cheaper than those fancy gyms!!!

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