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How much is the original T-Mobile sidekick without the plan?

Asked by imcrazy23 (37points) August 19th, 2008

i would like to get one to put it on the MetroPCS network but i’m afraid it will be too expensive and i haven’t established any credit yet in order to pay for that extremely high bill. can you help me? if so where can i obtain one for a really great price that is less than $250? preferrably $150,if you can find one. oh and it must be available for purchase in a store. i dont have any credit or debit cards just yet. [in case youre wondering,i just migrated and have been here for a month]

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If you’re looking for a phone and you don’t have a credit card, you’re going to need to look for stores in your area. Most places on the internet can’t help you, and the ones that can may be less reputable than you would wish.

A prepaid cell phone may be your best option.

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