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Does anyone know what the song is that is the theme to the Graham Norton Show?

Asked by fuzzyjay (252points) August 19th, 2008

I know the songwriter is named Jonathan Whitehead, and he goes under the name recording name TRELLIS. Unfortunately both Google and torrentbox have let me down in my search. Any help would be much appreciated.

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He used to use History Repeating by the Propellorheads. Dunno if he still does or not.

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No, but I love his show.

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Yeah, I think the History Repeating was when he was doing “So Graham Norton”... The new theme is pretty catchy, hopefully someone might know what it is and were to find it!

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I got it the name!

Habibi Gajuna by Trellis.

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It’s by trellis yes & called jump I think.

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Thanks very much lefteh, but that’s not it.

@do_re_mi thanks for your help too. Hopefully I’ll stumble upon that jump song to see if that’s it.

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The piano riff sounds like it’s “heavily influenced by”, if not directly lifted from, SuperTramp’s “Cannonball”

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The song is “Tu Es Foutu” by In-Grid

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