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What will be the format of money exchange with aliens in future?

Asked by Rohith (395points) August 30th, 2018

Will there be barter system like we had earlier as an alternative?

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What ever is rare at the time. Antimatter is the most expensive matter now. $65 trillion us dollars per gram.

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Assuming we are at equal level with them doing trade.

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Culture would be valuable. Also tourism.

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They will give us glass beads and blankets infected with the Altair virus and we will give them whatever it is they want.

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They will trade coins and bars of Tantalum. The metal is virtually indestructible and resists corrosion. It also has unique properties that make is extremely useful in the electronics industry.

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People, for their zoo’s.

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There will be no barter. They will simply take all our food and minerals, and kill most humans in the process.

Aliens will not be our partners – they will be our overlords and masters.

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Following the latest interplanetary trade discussions it has been announced that the trump has again fallen in value and that 49 billion are now required to buy one Altairian peso.

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Take a deposit out of the sperm bank & you’ll be good.

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They won’t need to trade anything. They will come wanting to make life great for us. They will have a book entitled To Serve Man. Yeah, I was a Twilight Zone fan!

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What makes you think we will have anything they will want?
Maybe a few of us for science experiments but that will be about it.

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@seawulf575 I loved that one! haha

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@seawulf575 I’m working my way through the entire series on DVD at the moment. I’ saw that episode a long time ago but I’ll watch it again.

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Golden Retriever Puppies. I don’t care what galaxy you’re from, they’re adorable and aliens will want them.

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There will be little or no trade per se.The aliens will be collectivists who have found a way to practically implement the principle of “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need”, and they will integrate us into their system to the extent that our limitations allow. If we cannot be so integrated, then they will humor us by allowing some ceremonial reciprocal exchanges, giving us small quantities of items or commodities they think we can safely use and accepting whatever we offer in return, but for the most part they will set Earth aside as a kind of preserve for less than fully sapient lifeforms.

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I don’t know why but I see very pessimistic approach in all the answers above except 1 or 2. Don’t you guys think / believe we will be strong or capable enough after say couple of thousand years from now? If mankind can advance from inventing the wheel to trying to reach the sun in this timespan I’m sure we can achieve much more in coming years too!!

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@imrainmaker – there is no reason to think that the aliens will be kind or benign.

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@imrainmaker I’m with you. I think the long term future is bright.
Future inhabitants of our planet will look back at these times like we look back at the horse and buggy days. Sure, we will screw up the atmosphere but they will figure out how to clean it daily with some, as yet to be invented, air flocculent and directed energy beams.
Global warming will be reversed by massive planet coolers that radiate and fire waste heat into space. The tons of space particles that fall on Earth every day will be heated and deflected back off into space to help cool the planet.
Just as the people riding horse and buggies 150 years ago could not imagine these times, we cannot imagine what it will be like 150 years from now.
I don’t believe things will be as bleak as we think.

It’s time for me to start hoarding tantalum for my great-great-grandchildren. :-)

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^Appreciate it!! Sure you can keep collecting those for your grand kids..) Lemme see if I can think of anything else.

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People of the future will recog nize that using gold for jewelry is a terrible waste of its metallic properties. It is also quite abundant compared with tantalum.
Diamonds are easy to make and will become worthless curiosities. I can hear it now. “Hundreds of years ago a man would bind a small carbon rock on a woman’s finger to claim her as his own.”
That thinking will go out with the extinction of white rhinos and tigers.

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We could trade them prosthetic butts so they will have something to probe in their off time.

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An ‘air flocculent’ sounds remarkably like the safe precipitation we currently enjoy. A ‘flocculent’ is usually a type of clay/solid particles used in some sort of liquid to precipitate out unwanted wastes and solids out that can gather on the bottom and be filtered out. An ‘air flocculent’, then, we might call, rain. Here’s an article from MIT: But then, how does the waste part get filtered out? It falls and ends up in the eco system. Maybe the aliens will show us in exchange for something they find valuable, but we have no problems parting with… like Reality TV show stars.

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