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What does it matter what ancestry a person might be, when we ALL descend from the primordial soup?

Asked by luigirovatti (1712points) August 31st, 2018

AS ASked. Funny, isn’t it? LQTM :-)

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It shouldn’t matter at all. Why does it matter for some people? Some people simply have pride in their ancestors for various reasons. Others feel a kinship with things in common. It’s human to want to group things, and it’s an extension of that. To me, the safer and happier people are and feel, the less they think about putting people into groups.

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Our memories don’t go back to the primordial soup. But we might remember or have written record of our ancestry. It can be fascinating to see what your ancestors had to go through to get you to where you are today. The more bizarre question to me is how anyone can make themselves feel somehow superior to others based pretty much solely on some physical trait.

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People want to know because (imo) it’s trendy. Sending your DNA off so the govt has access to it, is better done voluntarily you know.

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People want to subconsciously take credit for the achievements of their, hopefully, famous and successful ancestors, to feel better about themselves. The same basis as nationalism, racism and sports team fandom.
But they certainly do not want to see themselves related to slime mold, trees, or monkey, because those are all “inferior”.
Imagine the reaction of a Neonazi Drumpf supporter to finding out that some of his ancestors were black, or, god forbid, Jewish.

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It is not what ancestry that a person comes form that is important but rather does one have characteristics that presently do not have an outward appearance such as the one child that looks different than the rest of his/ her family.
I have located old forgotten pictures from contacted realtions that showed that my one brother who does not have the characteristics of the rest of our family actually matched my late mother’s Grandfather exactly!
He was thrilled and overjoyed to know that he resembled a relation and therefore “fit” in to our family after all.
For years he had doubts of his identity that of belonging and now he knows that he has DNA matching his Great great Grandfather!

I heard of one whom had to trace back 16 generations on a pedigree to locate of whom his DNA matched exactly! It is an exciting Hobby to be able to trace ones origins to the very first Ancestor that started ones Clan.
A great sense of belonging and pride of how much struggles that our Ancestors before us went through to provide our comfortable existence presently.
That is why we honor our Ancestors through locating their stories, struggles, and origins.
Everyone was not just plunked on this earth, but we rose from a long line of strong relatives that struggled through and sacrificed so much for there descendants.

I have found inspiring accounts of bravery against all odds and fill pride and awe in knowing of such feats in overcoming the odds of survival in a time of uncertainty and less convenience than what we presently have because of their determination to survive.

We have much to thank them for.

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someone regards it as a privilege with born.

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Not only did we come from the same ol’ soup. We will all die as well… In many ways, we are all ,at least, stuck in the same circumstances.

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I’ll have you know that I come from a bouillabaisse thank you very much, with bacon and whirled peas.

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In most cases, it doesn’t matter at all. There are some, though, where it does.

1. A person who was adopted needs or wants to find out about their biological family’s medical history.
2. In the US, there are benefits available if a citizen can prove their ancestry, such as being a certain % of Native American.

There are probably other reasons.

For most of us though, it just doesn’t matter, at least in the US. There were kids in my classes that used to say, that they were Irish or Scottish or some other country. I asked my parents what we were and was told that we were Pennsylvanian Dutch. I had no idea what that meant.

The thing is, all of us came from ancestors that emmegrated to the US so long ago, that there was no way any of us could prove that the Scotsman who came over centuries ago didn’t have a child with a woman from another country who had settled in the US. That is centuries of potential blending.

It may not be as diverse in other countries, but unless the genealogy is tracked and backed up by documents, it is hard to prove what one’s ancestory is. And it most likely doesn’t matter.

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Doesn’t matter to me at all. I judge people on an individual basis.

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Doesn’t matter at all to me!!! The government has conned yet another generation onto paying for their own demise. They are paying to give the govt their DNA. They are giving the govt their fingerprints via their cell phone. So, not only are they giving away their own info; but, they are also giving the govt access to their offsprings for generations to come!!!

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@LadyMarissa move to some isolated island it will do you good!

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I thought I gave my finger prints to the government via finger print cards, not my cell phones. I’ve done that about 6 times in my life. Just did it again last week as a matter of fact. I also had my kids finger printed when they were little. I hardly see how that is contributing to our demise.

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@LadyMarissa Maybe we all have clones on the other side of the world! haha

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Knowledge is power. It may seem trivial now, but there may be a time when having everyone’s DNA will be advantageous to the government. They found Bin Laden, with DNA tests. The US said they were giving vaccines, but they were cataloging DNA…

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@MrGrimm888, I call bullshit. I was there when my kids got their vaccines. No blood was drawn. The only procedure was injections.
But even if the government is cataloging DNA, so what?

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Well. I don’t have a link. But yes. The story goes that they found a couple kids that were related to Bin Laden. That’s why they zeroed in on his location. It was a big reason that they started suspecting he was in the area.

I would wager that blood is frequently drawn, in such areas, as part of any medical evaluation. Blood is not required to perform DNA testing though. A simple single strand of hair would do. Saliva. Anything with DNA..

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If the government is cataloging, so what? It’s none of their business.
One day. A grandchild of yours may not be allowed to get a job, because your great grandfather had cancer.

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@MrGrimm888 ^^^^^^^^ That is ONE LARGE conspiracy theory ! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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Not really. DNA cataloging, will likely end up forming new ways to judge people.

What if it turns out, that Hitler was your great uncle? With that being common/public knowledge, would that effect your life?

Would you hire Hitler’s relatives?

DNA is not choice driven. Like skin color, or gender, it’s a lottery. I am a firm believer, that nobody should be judged by things out of their control.

Especially if you consider that the wealthiest people will be the first to benefit from any tinkering with “designer babies”...

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@MrGrimm888, you specifically said the government said they were “giving vaccines, but they were cataloging DNA.” If they can just pick up a piece of hair then why bother with the vaccine story?
For your conspiracy to be any where near valid, all the clinics and doctors and nurses would need to be in cahoots in getting their patient’s DNA to the government.

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^Correct. Lots of people were involved. That doesn’t necessarily mean that all knew the reason for what they were doing. They were just following orders…

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LOL!!! Oh Jesus! Oh my God! What movie does this remind me of? Is it the Stepford Wives? Orwells 1984? You can’t seriously believe that?!

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I have read multiple stories about OBL’s killing. They all included the vaccine story. Why is it SO unbelievable, to you?

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I haven’t disputed your claim about Bin Laden. I haven’t verified it either. It may be true. So?

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The world is one big F’ing conspiracy according to @MrGrimm888 !

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It’s not one big conspiracy. But there are many conspiring to manipulate others….

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