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What is exactly web 2.0?

Asked by davidhimself (47points) July 27th, 2007

What exactly classifies as web 2.0? What is it?

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To quote a palmolive commercial... "you're soaking in it"

Web 2.0 is, at its core, about user-created content (and/or social networking).

Instead of the host of the website creating all of the content and providing it for users to consume, the host creates a structure into which users can create the content.

So... ? web 1.0 user comments ? web 2.0

The straight dope? web 1.0 Fluther? web 2.0

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@Perchik: you are pulling back references out left and right! (I'm impressed)

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heh I've been here long enough to remember a lot of the old posts

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Tim O'Reilly (publisher of the technical books that bear his name) is credited for coming up with the term. bpeoples is essentially correct. But, but you can read the definition straight from the horse's mouth here:

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This is a really cool vid about Web 2.0 - hope you like it!

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NOTE this website below has very funny quotes but there is some swearing/sexist language so for those of the more gentile persuasion, you might not appreciate.

<dsully> please describe web 2.0 to me in 2 sentences or less.
<jwb> you make all the content. they keep all the revenue.

The first rule of Web 2.0 is YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT WEB 2.0!
John Furrier, December 19th, 2005 – PodTech Founder and CEO

amazing site. is it just me or can i REALLY not scroll to the bottom?
i have tried everything.Popular links: web 2.0

read this for the comments alone! funny note the COINCIDENTAL 1984

Traitors in our Midst – Posted December 19 | 84 comments
Russell Shaw, Dave Winer and Richard MacManus have each declared that Web 2.0 is dead and/or that it never existed.

Finally – Web 2.0 explained!
Just watch this. All you need is here.
[Update 20/11] As noted in the comments, the person at Nokia who uploaded the video has taken it down – if you try and play the video, you’ll see this text:
From Nokia. Nice connection (no pun) with their slogan, “Connecting People.”

Thinking about this Web 2.0 thing


The Web 2.0 Workgroup is a network of premium blogs on the new generation of the Web. Combined, these sites reach a large readership of influential technology and media professionals. If you would like to subscribe to all of these blogs, download and import the OPML file into your favorite RSS reader

Go2Web2.0 is a directory of Web 2.0 sites that allows you to search or browse through the content tags to find the sites you might be interested in. The site displays the results in a grid, each with a graphical button of their respective logos, which can make the operation and navigation of this unorthodox site rather slow at times. If you have a slower computer or Net connection, don’t even attempt to load this site

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