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I am looking to update the flash on our homepage. Any suggestions?

Asked by lbus1229 (338points) August 19th, 2008 from iPhone

Our web address is I am also looking for a good web developer to do it for me.

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Well the road animation isn’t terrible quality-wise but it is long and doesn’t exactly do much for the user since it is just a laundry list of adjectives you ascribe to the company. It might be a good plan, if you want to keep the Flash element there, to have something more informational and a bit interactive. I find that it is best to come right out with what you offer and how the user can get further info as fast as possible.

Something that has been a little fashionable lately (and if you have the budget) is to have a “person speak about your services in a video (example) Of course, this should only run when a user requests it, otherwise you’ve got annoyance on your hands. Now I think that its something that can really be hit or miss but, since your company is a service based company, you might benefit from the face-to-face feeling it might produce.

Secondarily, while I am a big fan of Flash, I don’t find it well suited to be used in navigation. I haven’t spent the time to check, but if you don’t have a simple HTML fall-back menu then the Flash menu is a real detriment. Add to that the fact that well defined navigation at the top of your markup is more readily crawled by web spiders.

If you are at a loss to find a developer, drop me a private message and I may be able to help you find one.

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Here is what it looks like for me. I use Flashblock. All of the navigation could be done with CSS and Javascript. As it is now I would probably hit the back button before watching the Flash videos.

Here is another example of what paulc is talking about. Maybe you could show a smaller video about what the inside of the buses look like. Just label what it is so it doesn’t look like an advertisement.

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