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Do you have any "does he/she love me question" you would like to ask?

Asked by Unofficial_Member (5107points) September 4th, 2018

Honestly, the type of question where people are wondering if someone has any feeling for them has become regular and common in Fluther. It just makes me itchy that our existing members haven’t done such a thing. Call it ridiculous or juvenile-behavior if you must but there’s nothing wrong asking such question.

Now I would love to hear such question from you. I’m sure you are/can be curious to know if someone you met have any feeling for you. Come on, this will be your opportunity to ask if Mr. Postman has any feeling for you since blinked at you when he handed you your mails this morning, or perhaps you suspect that the grocery man harbors a secret romantic feeling for you since he seems so enthusiastic when he offered to carry your stuff for you. Oh my, now you’re head over heels thinking about that someone. Pretend to be naive or love-struck or self-conceited if you must. Please tell us who and what makes you think they might have a romantic feeling for you no matter how ridiculous it sounds like. Have fun!

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I think my dog loves me, but I can’t be sure. She always greets me with enthusiasm but sometimes I wonder if it’s all an act to get more treats. What do you think?

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^^ I think she’s doing just what you think. Haven’t you heard that a dog is just like its owner? Perhaps you’ve been a bad influence to her in this regard haha.

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Mine is on a more prosaic level. There is a family of mosquitos that live in the back yard. When I go outside, they tend to swarm around me and try to bite my arms and legs. I love the attention; I’m deeply honored to be the object of their attention.

Here’s my question – are they using me just for my blood? Or, do they surround me because they really like me as a human being, and want to be with me for that reason.

I have been used by other insects before… and it isn’t a good feeling. There was the bee once—and when he pulled away from me, I was really stung.

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^^ Just accept it that you have been ‘used’. Get used to it. You might eventually come to appreciate masochism a little bit more. Now I would feel really dirty being ‘used’ multiple times by other… living being.

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I found a very small snapping turtle in my yard. I picked him up and he withdrew into his shelll. I think he’s playing hard to get. What do you think?

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^^ Why don’t you try putting your fingers in front of his front opening? Fingers look like worms and they love worms so I bet he’ll appreciate them. Please tell me your insurance cover certain damages before you begin flirting with this turtle. As they say, love can be hurtful.

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Honestly, are we having beastiality season or what? Is nobody here feel any spontaneous love toward other people? Perhaps they have all forgotten how being a giddy schoolboy/girl feels like.

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I think I got out of “spontaneous love” state of mind about 25 years ago. (after my divorce).

This whole does he/doesn’t he business happens because people are wimps and afraid to communicate. So they play mind games with themselves and tie themselves up into knots.

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Seriously, I have been married over 40 years. It’s a bit late to start wondering if he loves me, and especially since he tells me he loves me all the time! ;D

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I am dying! This is hilarious!

When we go to visit my son and his grandkids, my grand kids always run to me first. Do they like me better than they like Grammpa? Do I have to worry about Grammpa offing me because of it?

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When I went to the dollar store the other day, the female cashier said, “Thanks, honey.”

I wonder if she loves me. I wonder if she thinks I’m a lesbian. I bet she just thinks I would be a cheap date, since I’m shopping in the dollar store. What should I do?

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Stalk her to find out for sure.

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I’m going to buy stock in sunflowers. Everybody knows that plucking the petals one by one and saying, “He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not,” is the only way to tell if somebody truly loves you or not. They should go over big come Valentine’s Day and I’m going to make a fortune!

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Years ago I met a cat in a bookstore. I crouched down to look at the bottom shelf, and he jumped up on my lap. We had something really special for a few minute, long enough for my legs to fall asleep. I know some of you might think he was overly forward, but I didn’t mind!! Even though he eventually jumped off and walked away, I am just sure he came and found me for a reason. He must have been interested in me. I’ve been back to the bookstore over the years, and he’s still there. All I get from him now is a passing tail flick, but I simply can’t forget the undeniable connection we had. Do you think he remembers it, too? And if he does… why did he never make another move? Do you think there’s something wrong with my lap? Was he waiting for me to make the next move? IS IT TOO LATE??

I know you were looking for more people-based stories, but the cat in the bookstore really is a true story from a while back that I thought would be fun to share in this context. I considered changing the word “cat” for “guy,” but then the “jumping in lap” part of the story gets really weird, and the tail becomes hard to explain… ;P

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So there’s this guy I know and we’ve been best friends for like 2 years.
We hang out every week and go to fun places like the beach, the movies, etc.
He’s taken me to get my hair done, nails done, he’s taken me to all the high school dances, buys me birthday presents and he took me to a really nice dinner on the 1 year anniversary of our friendship. He really spoils me!!
He loves to hold my hand and kiss me goodnight after every time we hang out, he’s a great best friend. He even tells me he loves me!!!!!!!!

Things really took a turn 2 weeks ago when he made a facebook post about me saying how great of a girlfriend I am!!! It made me so happy. I’m soo lucky to have a friend like him.
Thing is, all of his friends commented about how cute of a couple we are and how they hope we will last a long time… does he like me romantically? Why would his friends be saying that? I am very distraught and confused… Is he a psycho whose assumed we’ve been dating the past 2 years???? Why would he think that???

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Ha ha!

I have a super great friend too. We are friends with benefits. But it’s weird…after we have sex he kind of disappears for about two weeks. But when he comes back he’s very loving and attentive until we have sex. I think he’s going to ask me to marry him. What should I say?

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