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Do you think truth and privacy can co-exist together? What do you think?

Asked by luigirovatti (2325points) September 6th, 2018

As stated.

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Yes, I do!!

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Sure, no prob.

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Since I can’t see how they would be mutually exclusive, I say yes.

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they can coexist, but a 3rd element best insures such coexistence—-silence. To speak the truth and expect privacy is a goal
only to be achieved when the truth is mundane.

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@luigirovatti As they are not mutually exclusive, yes.

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I think it’s useful to distinguish between privacy and secrecy.
Privacy is keeping to yourself what you just did in the bathroom.
Privacy is keeping to yourselves what you just did in the bedroom, nobody else’s business.
Secrecy is keeping to yourself what you did with the joint checking account, affects someone else and should be communicated. Secrecy is covering your tracks while hacking into vote counting systems.
So, I think truth and privacy can mix well. Secrecy and truth are often opposed to each other.

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I believe they can. Being honest about wanting privacy’s always an option. If someone wanted to look at your phone, but you value your device’s privacy, simply tell them that’s a line you don’t want them to cross, and be perfectly honest with any claims. Honesty goes both ways, so if there being honest with how your statement makes them feel, be honest as to why you said it.

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