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What is one small good thing you can tell us about your recent life?

Asked by canidmajor (18689points) September 6th, 2018

Please only one, please not political (unless you, yourself, have been running for something) and please only the small (but can be significant!) things.

We often forget that so much positive can be gleaned from little happinesses.

Me first: This morning I watched my dog carefully pluck a ripe bean from the vine and eat it. I’m still chuckling thinking about that. :-)

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I woke up happy this morning!!!

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Found two friends in one go.
Edited: was huge, not small.

My father brought me two apples.

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Business picked up to the point where I don’t need a part-time job. Well, not yet anyway…

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I think I may have found a new hobby in embroidery. I needed something relaxing and creative to do, and I’m working on a piece now that I’m really happy with, and I’m enjoying the process.

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I discovered my Lyme disease while it was still treatable.

I think this counts as a small thing (even though I feel very lucky) because right now, I still have Lyme disease and it’s quite annoying.

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I finished making almost 600 pictures of light switches and sockets.
Only problem is, now I need to make more light switch pictures for someone else.

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The person in front of me in the drive thru bought my coffee for me this morning.

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Ha!, If it were that simple.
They had a previous line of product pictures, whose look had to be replicated as close as possible.
And the other client has a different pre-established look that has to be replicated, down to RGB values.
So no, no copy pasting.

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A cold front moved in last night and took away the ugly heat and humidity. It’s a beautiful cool rainy day today.

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I got a ticket to see my favorite band in concert.

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It is about 72 degrees, instead of 90 this morning.

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The Bears saga I am creating on FB.

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My cousin’s kiddo needs braces and she can’t afford it, but agreed to start a ‘go fund me’ page so that he can get them. Stubborn cow won’t ever ask for help.

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I have a dreadful brown thumb. The only plants that can survive me are succulents.

Yesterday I found several little baby succulents that had propagated from fallen leaves.

Now the little succulent babies have been planted into a little pot on my stoop—and they’re still alive!

I want to see @Mariah ‘s embroidery. And what exactly is this Bears Saga of yours, @janbb?

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I have a couple of stuffed bears who have wild antics in my house and the miscreants post their activities on my FB page. I’ll show you some pics sometime.

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That sounds perfectly delightful!

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is it nsfw?

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We bought a movie projector yesterday and I think I got a really good deal and that’s important to me. We ordered it and it won’t be here for another week or so, but we’re getting kind of excited about movies with the grandkids outside, and Halloween and Christmas displays in the windows!
Since money is always an object Rick and I put our heads together and came up with a cheap, very cheap, alternative to an actual projector screen. For about $1.50 we got a tri fold cardboard project display board. The inside is white. Now we’re brains storming on how to hang it.

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@ragingloli Yes, but no tentacles.

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These days, each time I wake up.

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@canidmajor This is one small good thing I have done in my life recently. I took part in water aerobics class this week twice. Super good thing as I met new friends! Senior citizen here. Pool is on my apartment premises.

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Yesterday I had a lot of fun with Rick at Walmart. God he is a nut and he makes me laugh.

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@Dutchess_III That’s so nice to hear!

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@ragingloli Don’t believe the penquin. My eyes are still burning from the stuffie debauchery.

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@raum You lead an innocent life if stuffies with substance abuse problems get you hot and bothered! And besides, loli asked if they were NSFW.

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I ran 14.5 miles in 1hr 54min 48secs a PB at that distance took it nice & steady too.

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I got a call from a wonderful, very loving Jelly today, about 20 minutes ago! ♥♥♥♥

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Apparently I’m no longer allergic to the fallout from my Dutch elm tree.

From 2004 until 2017, late August to late October was sneezin’ season for me. Consequently, I’d have to swab Zicam every 4 hours, and wear an air-filter mask every time I went outside.

However, this year I saw the telltale allergens on the ground about two days ago, but so far I’m sneeze free.

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I started a weekly yoga class. Or rather, I resumed it after a nine-year hiatus due to a foot injury.

In a memoir I’m reading, the author describes her yoga class like this: “Some are limber as cloth, others only water-soaked wood, bending just a little, and a little more.” Water-soaked wood, that’s me. But at least I can bend.

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I finished Thomas Mann’s The Magic Mountain and am looking forward to the next book I have to read.

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9 years?! You musta hurt the shit out of your foot @Jeruba!

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I got to see the portrait of Barack Obama and the one of Michelle Obama at the National Portrait Gallery yesterday.

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Thank @raum. Here’s the unfinished piece I’m working on now.

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@Dutchess_III I can send you an obnoxious text. Does that count?

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We are supposed to be getting a Costco!

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What other kind of text have you ever sent me @Caravanfan?!

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Oh, @chyna, you’re in trouble now!!! I loves me a Costco! And their rotisserie chicken…<sigh>

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@janbb I don’t usually look at orgies at work. What kind of library do you work in?!

@Mariah I like your color palette. Did you freehand the face? Hope you will remember to come back to share your finished project with us. :)

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I had an excellent 90 day review at work. It’s nice to know that my good work is noticed and appreciated.

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I just got WiFi, in my new place. It’s starting to feel like home. I have been sleeping a little better, but I still can’t really sleep on my new bed. I guess I got used to couches, over the past couple years… But my dog likes that I sleep in the living room with her.

I love my new neighborhood, but I still feel like an outsider. They have a neighborhood garden, and do a farmer’s market every Wednesday. There’s a dog park, and a skateboard park. I don’t skate, but it’s fun to watch the kids trying when I am walking by. Almost everything is in walking distance now. That reduces my driving. I hate driving…

Lots of good little things, I suppose. I wish I could enjoy them more. I guess I needed a thread like this, to make me aware of this…

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@MrGrimm888, I’m glad it helped. It’s easy to overlook stuff in the big picture. I often forget to take the time to appreciate the little spots of “color” in the day, I am trying to remember to do that more.

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Yes. Mine is a world of grey. I need to “appreciate the little spots of color” more…

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It started out small but it got more and more encouraging as the day went on. I’ve been battling with some medical people for months about a billing issue where they were in the wrong, they treated my husband horribly, and then essentially overcharged us. Messages kept getting sent that disappeared, and it felt like I was talking to a brick wall. I have been calling and shouting at these people since May, but today the head of Cardiac Care called me, and for the first time he heard what I had to say. He said he was going to make it right with us! Furthermore he assured me that what happened to my husband will never happen again!

I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not going to be a train!

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“I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not going to be a train!”


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I climbed a 3,000 foot Scottish mountain last week on a lovely day with superb views. On the way there I was struck by the appearance of a woman who boarded the bus and sat a couple of seats in front of me. We were both travelling alone and we both by chance got off at the same stop and began walking together. We walked side by side for a couple of miles before our paths diverged. We talked the whole time and got on very well. I liked her very much and I don’t think I will ever forget her she made such an impact upon me. We parted without exchanging emails or even our names.

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Happy you had that encounter.
But wish you had exchanged info!

Is there a Missed Connections for Scottish mountains?!

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She is married and I have a partner. It was simpler just to say ” it was nice talking with you. Enjoy the rest of your walk”. It was just the two of us in the sunshine in a place surrounded by mountains. A chance encounter.

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