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Have you ever encouraged a flame war by giving lurve?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19455points) September 6th, 2018

~Tongue In cheek. Humor welcome.

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Never involved in a flame war.

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No. Not sure how you would do this, anyway.

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I can only imagine this happening if posts meant as an insult are given multiple lurve, but even then it depends on the person on the receiving end giving a right royal shit what morons on the internet think about them.
Can’t be flamed if you’re a cool bean.

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No. If anything, I would GA the calm and collected jellies. I don’t think flames are ever worthy of any notice.

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No, I don’t like them.

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No. I give lurve sparingly to those truly deserving.

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There’s an ‘ol chap here who has complained many times about not receiving lurve so I make sure I don’t give it to him.

Does that count?

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I don’t know how it will work and no I haven’t and won’t do that ever!!!

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@ everyone saying they don’t know how it would work
I’m pretty sure it means that when someone is throwing around mean or terrible comments, you give them lurve as a way to “egg them on”, because if they are receiving lurve for their rude answers (getting a “great answer”) they think that’s acceptable/ they are in the right so they continue to act that way.

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I’m probably guilty of doing this. Sometimes the comments are on point, man.

But I’ve also given out lurve to both sides of a flame war too. Is that better or just downright confusing?

Wait…what exactly constitutes a flame war exactly?

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@raum More than one personal attacks.

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What if it’s heated but not personal?

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@raum Use ones discretion.

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@raum A flame war is a type of heated debate. One that usually might include insults, but could just be people non-stop arguing and going absolutely nowhere.

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I just gave @marina lurve… is that a flame war instigation?


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