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Do you think the lady at the Trump rally really wiped her nose on the flag?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44181points) September 8th, 2018

Or is it some silly manipulated video? I haven’t been able to find anything definitive on it. It isn’t on any of the fact checking sites, and none of the reputable sites are carrying it.
Something tells me it’s fake, but I don’t know for sure.

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Who cares if she did?

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This is breaking news and I saw it here first on Fluther. Nice! : )

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Trump doesn’t care so . . . .

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The guaranteed manipulation is in the people selected to appear in the frame behind Big Orange. Notice how the dude making weird faces is abruptly replaced. The curious thing about the flag shawled woman is that the flag is there, then it’s completely absent, then it reappears and she seems to wipe her entire face with it. Next, a chipper young blonde girl sidles in from the right frame to park directly in front of the flag woman. Weird.

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There you go @stanleybmanly. Those are the kinds of observations I was looking for. I have only seen snippets here and there.

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All I saw in the wording of the question was Lady & the Tramp

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That would be Melania.

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All I know is that if she did, the demographic she belongs to should be blamed as a whole.

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If she did. I personally don’t think she did it.

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I didn’t see that particular frame except for on the internet. But I did see it on TV live for a few minutes before that. She had raised the flag for a bit with someone else holding it and then someone made her put it down. Which means it was probably dragging on the ground. So another big no no. But in the clip, it did look like she wiped her nose with the edge of the flag. Not cool. I find cleaning your snots with it and letting it drag on the ground to be much more disrespectful than someone kneeling.

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