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How many pillows do you have on your bed?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24649points) September 8th, 2018

I have lots. Mostly special pillows.

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Six. My husband has four & I have two.

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Two; one for me and one for my wife.

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One pillow for one

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Why did you make me count them?

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Two, side by side.

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5. I use 2 and my husband uses 3. I do have a bedding set that has 3 decorative pillows, so when that’s on the bed I have 8, but the 3 decorative pillows are just used for show. I wish I hadn’t bought them. Money not well spent.

Throw pillows and other decorative pillows I find to be a pain. Just more work.

Throw pillows in hotels I especially hate. They wind up in the floor and tables and chairs where suitcases and shoes have been and they aren’t washed between every customer so basically they are dirty things being put on a clean bed, and usually that’s against the clean pillowcase that you are going to put your face on. Yuck.

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Different question. If you counted all the feathers in all your pillows, what’s your total feather count?

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Answer to “different question” – - – NONE we have foam or sobakawa.

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Six. Four regular pillows (two for each of us), and two decorative pillows.

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Three. Two that sit against the wall and one that I actually rest my head on.

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Three pillows here. One original Sobokawa (buckwheat hulls) pillow, one big pouf y pillow which I alternate with the buckwheat pillow and a regular pillow which goes between my knees and ankles cushioning bony knees and ankles.

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Four, two each for me & the mrs.
I love my pillows

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I have one and my husband has four.

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7 total:

2 his
2 hers
3 decorative, removed at bedtime

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1 decorative
2 are pillow shams and are not used much. Still can be slept on though.

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3 right now. I love a firm pillow. I sleep with two and have an extra just in case.

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