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Could Trump fire Pence? (read details)

Asked by elbanditoroso (25830points) September 9th, 2018

I think the answer is definitively “no” but it presents an interesting legal question.

Suppose, arguendo, that it was Mike Pence who wrote the anonymous op-ed to the New York Times.

Trump wants to fire the author of the piece and turn him/her over to the Justice Department.

Pence, however, is an elected official – not a government appointee or employee.

Could Pence be fired?

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Nope. The best he could do is keep him out of the loop, and drop him from the 2020 ticket.

I try no to think what “the worst he could do ” is

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I think Trump thinks he can fire anybody he wants, just like his TV show the Apprentice. Still thinks he on TV reality show.

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I think he can only be impeached, just like the president can be impeached.

I don’t think Trump would want to fire Pence even if he could.

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I don’t think he can; but, I wouldn’t be surprised that he’d try!!! Technically speaking, Pence wasn’t an elected official in that he wasn’t voted into office on his own merit. He was part of the Trump ticket & rode in on Trump’s coattail!!! I’m sure that Trump could make his life so freaking miserable that he wouldn’t know what was going on around him; but to actually fire him, I don’t think he can. They’d be stuck together until the next election where Trump would have the option of choosing someone else to run with him & then insist on formal charges being filed against Pence.

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