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What are the different school student title's from Junior high to university ?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13520points) September 10th, 2018

Like freshman and senior ect.

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Do you want answers? Give us some examples of what you are looking for.

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@stanleybmanly Junior, intermediate, senior, freshman, undergrad, graduate, ph.d. candidate, professor emeritus, associate professor, full tenured professor. I would please like the full list from junior kindergarten to full tenured professor. Ones official titles that advance from year to year or more.

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Valedictorian, class clown, hall monitor, truant.

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Junior High is pretty much extinct in my area. But Junior High was grades Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth. Senior High is grades Ten, Eleven, and Twelve.

Ninth grade is the Freshman level. Tenth is Sophomore, Eleventh is Freshman, Twelfth grade is Senior.

In College,or University, the four years are based on credit hours accomplished rather than promotion. But its levels Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior.

In a two year college, such as a Community College or Junior College, or Technical Institute, you CAN get an associate degree. A Four-year college awards a Bachelor’s degree—usually Bachelor or Arts or Bachelor of Science. Don’t ask me what designates either Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science.

Graduate school takes three years and does not have ranks and awards a Masters’ degree.

A doctorate requires one to three additional years, depending on whether your Masters work applies. Then you are DOCTOR so-in-so.

It is worth mentioning that the Junior High system is somewhat displaced by the Middle School system.

Junior High system was six years of elementary school followed by 7th-9th of Junior High. It focuses on preteen and young teens aspirations of career choices. The Junior High usually has a very active “Guidance Office” participation helping young people choose careers.

The Middle School system is more age / social development with five years of elementary school. Fifth graders being the top of the classes and usually the most socially active, like seniors. Then, Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth grade—being the 11/12/13/14 transition from childhood into early adolesence, They are basically early to mid teens who don’t yet drive but are transitioning into the adult world. Then a good, solid FOUR years of Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior, High School.

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