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What is your favorite Burt Reynolds movie?

Asked by Patty_Melt (12220points) September 11th, 2018

We lost Burt over the weekend.
What was your favorite movie or TV appearance?

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The only one I really like is Deliverance but what a fine film it is, maybe he should’ve shaved his tache more often, might have been holding him back.

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When I was a little girl I loved the movie The End of all things. I loved when he did movies with Dom DeLuise.

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The only one that I saw is Deliverance. It was a great movie, but I am not sure I would want to see it again.

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I liked Smoky and the Bandit.

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Cannonball Run was fun too.

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Tie between The Longest Yard (the original) and Smokey and the Bandit.

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Just looked at his filmography.
I can safely say that I have not seen a single film with him in it.

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Boogie NIghts. and Deliverance, kind of bookends to his career.

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When Burt was in it, I could enjoy watching it!!! The Longest Yard was my absolute favorite with ALL the Smokey & the Bandit‘s following close behind!!! I didn’t get to watch every episode, but I also enjoyed the episodes of Evening Shade that I did get to watch.

Now that Patrick Swayze, James Garner, Burt Reynolds, & Paul Newman have gone before me, I’m ready to join them!!!

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As a teen in the 80s I loved Cannonball Run. Still a fun watch for me today.

Also enjoyed then an action movie of his where one of the bad guys was an albino.

And then I saw Deliverance. Great film!

My favorite though is Starting Over, a romantic dramedy with Candice Bergen and Jill Claybugh. I have a DVD copy. Wish there’s a Blu-ray but no.

Not happy that I’m already 50 but I’m grateful I was a teen in the 80s when movies were so much fun. And grateful I’ve learned to appreciate lots of films, Hollywood, foreign and from every decade there is so far.

Burt will always be one of the coolest guys in cinema for me.

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@Patty_Melt sent me a message and asked me to tell you all that she’s taking a break, and will be gone a while, but she will LURVE everyone all up when she gets back.

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I hope everything is OK!!!

Now, back to the Q at hand. I was blessed every day this week as MeTV has been having Burt Reynolds week. Burt played Quint on the Gunsmoke series. He was only about 28 at the time & at his prime in looks. Most of the time he was topless…yummy!!! Every day was a new love story. My dad wouldn’t buy us a TV back then so I had NEVER seen any of these. I felt like I had died & returned to Fantasy Island!!! ;]

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I have been unable to reload the data on my phone.

I have an appointment at the VA, so I can Wi-Fi for a few minutes.

My favorite is The Longest Yard.

Thanks to all who shared their favorites.

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^^ Welcome back!!!

I had never noticed how sexy his lips were until I watched him on the reruns of Gun Smoke which was before he grew his mustache!!!

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