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Now that swimming and gymnastics are over, and I having hard time finding Olympia coverage of other sports. What are you guys watching?

Asked by Supergirl (1696points) August 20th, 2008

We are interested in any Olympic sport, including track and field, diving, basketball, etc…

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i am in the same situation, now that gymnastics and swiming are over ther is not really anything else that is really good to watch. So now im catching up on my sleep and watching Michale Phelps swim in my dreams. Although i do find it intresting that they made BMX and olympic sport, so you might want to chek that out.

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week 2 is track and field

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I wanted to see shooting, badminton and archery. I think I missed them all. Although I did watch a good game of mens volleyball. Never really thought about watching it before, but it was good :)

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Same here, reruns of ‘Cops’.

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The Olympics are still on…?


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@ skyrail – I would have love to have seen those to. I think they were on cable which I don’t have.

I am jamming on the track. I wish they showed more field events though.

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I want to watch the soccer finals (Nigeria v. Argentina for the men and US v. Brazil for women). Luckily, we have a soccer channel. Some of the wrestling has been interesting, but the table tennis has been anti-climatic so far.

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The female clean and jerk was entertaining beyond my wildest expectations. The girls were lifting 400lbs over-head—amazing!

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I am a fan of track and field the original Olympic sports. True athletes in my opinion because the compete against themself(clocks and rulers).

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