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What makes an issue not political, or is every issue political?

Asked by flo (11445points) September 12th, 2018

Why is abortion about politics as well, instead of just about anatomy, hospitals, science, biology, midwives, medicine, doctors…

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Abortion is political because it has been legislated by politicians, officials elected by the general citizenry.

The rules and regulations that govern professional tennis are not political in the same way, as the general populace has no say in who decides what those rules and regulations are.

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Anything can be made political. Abortion is political because there are those who insist the state has the right to outlaw the procedure. Any measure seeking compulsion from the state is by definition political.

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@stanleybmanly But not Serena’s actions at the tennis match.

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Yes, but you can see that the urge is there to politicize them. And it’s a good bet that someone somewhere is hard at it.

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Abortion is Very political because one party endorses it as a womans right, while the other sees it as murder of entire generations of human beings. Two completely different mindsets. The christian Reps also feel its against their religion.

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Any object or subject becomes political when the government moves to either ban it, legalize it or control it in some way shape or fashion through regulations.

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It becomes political when people make it political.

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So, discrimination of women, by employer or whoever and whatever else, or discrimination against men (like men less likley to get custody even if nothing wrong with their parenting for example), is political issue, right or wrong?

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^^^^ Yes, all of the above is political because there are supposedly laws that govern what is and is not acceptable.

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@rojo That makes sense.

What would be considered not political?

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A player’s angry reaction to a judge’s call in a tennis match.

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It was made poilitical by the talk of_women are treated unfairly_. (Tennis legend Martina Navratilova on what Serena Williams got wrong)

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