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Why don't Subway restaurants offer to put butter or margarine on their sandwiches?

Asked by JackAdams (6523points) August 20th, 2008

Whenever my mother made sandwiches for me as a kid, she would always put butter or margarine on the bread. You can’t get that on your submarine sandwiches at Subway, and I’ve always wondered about that.

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My used to do that as well. Many years after she stopped making my sandwiches, I asked her why. She said she did it on my school lunch sandwiches so that things like ketchup or jelly wouldn’t soak through the bread. She just continued to do it at home because she figured I was used to the taste. To this day, PB&J must have butter on the jelly side.

So, my guess would be that a.) Subway is concerned with mayo or mustard soaking into the roll or b.) Subway thinks it will taste odd to their consumers or c.) Our moms were just a little different and Subway has yet to come to a place of appreciation for their sandwich talent!

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I think that it’s because America is fat enough already.

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Because Jared’s a fascist and would never go for that.

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