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Is it possible that ICE took $30 million from FEMA to start building a wall to protect against the hurricane?

Asked by elbanditoroso (26369points) September 13th, 2018

Government mentality, possible.

This is Social. Any other good excuses you can come up with?

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ICE did not TAKE money; Orangehair gave it to ICE.

I think it was only $10 million on the latest give away.

Trump is going to make sure he gets his “WALL against brown people”, no matter who dies, because he’ll make sure it isn’t him, even if he throw Melania in front of the bus.

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The wall is crazy expensive. $30 million wouldn’t get the posts dug…..

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It was used for the detention centres. Those kids were brought to New York for some reason. Does the Cheeto have friends building the centres? Probably.

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Just saw in my newspaper this morning that our Republican senator, Shelly Moore Capito voted for this. I hope voters remember this come November because my state is in line to get hit by remnants of Florence.

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