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Stuck on me cat?

Asked by Yeoryios (17points) September 13th, 2018

I will be gone for a short vacation and my cat is so used to me that I worry he will feel lonely – what can I do – any suggestions?

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Don’t worry. If you really want loyalty and devotion, you have a dog, not a cat. A cat is more stuck to a place than a person. He’ll be fine as long as he is warm, safe, and well fed.

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Do you have someone who can stay at your house and pamper your cat while you are gone? I babysit one of my friend’s cats fairly often. I think she likes me better than him. I’m a cat and dog spoiler : )

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My cat, when she realizes I am packing to leave, will go and check her food bowl to make sure it is full. If it isn’t I will hear about it, if it is she just comes back and watches me.

Her attitude is “Oh, you are leaving? Did you give me food?” and when I return it is “Oh, you’re back. Put more food in my bowl, I can see the bottom”.

Like they say, dogs have owners, cats have staff.

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Dogs require a lot more than cats, so if you had a dog I would say have someone come over to take them out, feed it, play with it, etc (as these are all things every dog needs daily)

Cats usually have litterboxes so that eliminates you having to get someone to come over for that reason (Make sure it’s clean before you leave)

Cats don’t eat a ton so just give it a bit more food than you think it might need but not a ton, they’ll eat when they want so just leave it out

Cats don’t usually play and if they do they do it themselves like hitting a ball with their paws or what not

They are independent
So to put it simply, unless your cat is old or super young and needs constant attention, have someone watch it for you, otherwise you should be fine.

I mean, there is a possibility your cat could have separation anxiety and get upset, my dog was like that.

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You could make sure your cat has a worn shirt so she can smell you even while you’re away. Maybe get a special treat or a new toy to help distract her?

If you’re feeling very anxious about leaving her, you might want to look into pheromones such as Feliway. Your local pet store can help there.

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@SergeantQueen, you can’t just leave a cat with a little box for more than a day. You have to pluck the contents out of the box and dispose of it, and sometimes add more litter if it gets too wet.

Also, they need to be fresh food every day. If you leave extra food sitting out, it gets stale, or draws ants and flies, especially if they eat both wet and dry food. They also need fresh water every day.

Unlike the stereotypes about cats as being completely uninterested in their human owners, I have found that to be far from the case. They need and want attention and company, just not in the same way as a dog. All the cats I’ve owned and cared for followed me around the house, liked to sit on my lap, liked to sleep right up against me in bed, and most if them liked to occassionally be picked up ir have their bellies rubbed. All of them liked to have their ears rubbed and their chins scratched.

Cats also tend to throw up from hairballs, or from nibbling grass, or from just eating too much food too quickly. They upchuck more often than dogs, as a normal part of being a cat, rather than with dogs who mostly puke if they are sick, although cats puke when they are sick too.

I would never leave my own cat alone. Animals can have accidents or emergencies just like dogs, and kids.

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