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Am I really close to 20K finally after all these years?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26678points) September 14th, 2018 from iPhone

Would have gotten to it years earlier but as it is…life happens. Always knew I would keep adding lurve for as long as I live.

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haha, good job (I guess).... You got here a year before me, so it sounds about right.

So what’s the prize? Congrats!

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Hey think what it’s like to be me, a huge chunk of lurve juice, with me being hated & misunderstood too :D
All from sarcasm, a nuanced sense of humour & a handsome face that oozes sex appeal ;-}

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And your enormous wealth balanced only by your beguiling humility.

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Really sir, surely thoueth jesteth.
Any suggestion that I may have somehow “bought” lurve shall be met with scorn & yes, disdain.

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I have a new account and I haven’t maxed out on you yet. Blond to the rescue! :)

You sent me a Fluther mug. It’s the least I can do for ya.

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^^ Wait wha? Mug? Did I? Forgot but glad I did. I’m looking at my own mug right now on the shelf. It’s got pens in it. :)

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Just show up for 33 days and you have it!

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@KNOWITALL You do know it all. Lol :)

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You’re closer than you think.

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You made it! Good job.

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THANKS EVERYONE! Just luuuurve Fluther! :)

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Apparently kiddo.

Now bake us a cake.

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