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If the right click feature is not working, reboot or change computers, and why?

Asked by flo (12305points) September 14th, 2018

A teacher asked the students or is it a student asking the teacher that question, or an interviewer asking a job applicant, I’m not sure. What is the reasoning that would prevent trial and error to solve the problem?

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Is the mouse not working or the computer is locked up? Always reboot before anything else. If it wont reboot, unplug it and try again.
I hope I understood the question lol

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What are you asking?

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How is the right click feature not working? What happens when the right key is clicked? And are you sure it isn’t the president asking about this?

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I don’t have anymore details whether how it’s not working etc., I’ll find out and respond if that’s possible.
Good point @KNOWITALL

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