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Has anyone used Django with Flash?

Asked by phred78 (214points) August 20th, 2008

I’m developing a full Flash interface for a website, but there’s the need for a CMS. Since I’ve been looking at Django and it’s endless possibilities, I was wondering how the techies around here would approach this. Has anyone had any experience with combining these 2 technologies? PHP is an option, but this is the kind of project ideal for exploring Django.

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Our project is a large Django-based BI application, with a lot of visualizations & rich UI. We are using Flash extensively, & find the integration very smooth & fruitful. There are 2 main mechanisms we use for the integration:
– XML data source produced by a Django view & consumed by Flash. We use this extensively, & find it great for integration.
– JavaScript method exposing back-end operation to Flash objects. The JavaScript is invoked by the Flash & executes Django services at the back-end.

So, I recommend this approach & believe you should have a smooth integration.

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