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Is it OK for kids to sleep on the floor?

Asked by YARNLADY (45100points) September 14th, 2018

My two grandsons don’t want me to buy beds for their new apartment because they like sleeping on the floor. Is there any problem with that?

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the bare floor?

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It’s never been a problem for me…that is, until my body got too old to get back up off the floor!!! As a kid, I looked forward to going to my grandparents & sleeping on the floor. Granny made her own quilts & she’d fold one up so there was some padding between the floor & my bones. When I moved into my first apartment, I slept on the floor for the first several months because I was starting my first real job & I couldn’t afford a bed yet. I had a plush comforter & it worked well as a barrier between my bones & the floor. So, IF they have indicated that they don’t want you buying them beds, I’d respect their wishes with the option to get the beds later IF they change their mind!!!

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@stanleybmanly They have numerous pillows and blankets.

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I have a good friend who grew up on a Pacific Island, Tuvalu, where it is traditional to sleep on the floor, on mats. She still often chooses to sleep on the floor despite living in NZ and having a bed. A lot depends on where you grew up and what you grew up sleeping on.

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If they’re happy there, they’ll be fine.

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Yeah sure, should be company policy on flights too with particularly unruly kids sleeping on the wings.

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@ucme and everyone could watch the real life in-flight skit- Gone With the Wind!

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It meets Dept of Homeland Security/Immigration and Cistoms Enforcement standards.

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You might suggest that they get a futon.

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Of course it’s OK. Why wouldn’t it be OK?

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I would give it a trial but if they were squirmy or not sleeping well, I would get them a bed.

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The floor is fine minus bugs or anything. I slept on a matt, a futon, an air mattress, not everyone wants the big traditional beds anymore. Matching bedroom sets still make me cringe. They’ll be fine.

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I just had a mattress on the floor in my first apartment. I slept like that for like six years until my now wife moved in and we got a king size bed. Even as an adult I sometimes sleep out on the screen porch with little more than a lounge chair and a blanket when the outside temp is nice.

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People have been sleeping on one sort of floor or another for most of human history. I don’t think it’s done anyone any harm. If the boys are uncomfortable, they’ll make a change, right?

The only problem I can see is that it may at some point put a cramp in their social lives if they want to spend quality time with companions who prefer to sleep on a cushioned surface.

Again, there’s no reason to deny them the satisfaction of solving their own problems.

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I assume you’re meaning right on the floor @OP – not on a a mattress at all? Or do you mean a mattress on the floor?

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If they are your own biological children, it’s perfectly fine and up to personal preferences.

However, if they are foster children, rules and regulations about sleeping arrangements vary by state and are usually more stringent on what constitutes an acceptable bed.

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They are her grandsons and it sounds like they’re grown to me. Are they grown @YARNLADY?

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No problem. And their backs will probably thank them for it.

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If they are grown, why is she offering to buy beds for them? (Also the main question asks about kids.)

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These are my youngest grandkids, age 7 and 9. I also have grown grandsons and one great grandson.

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At 7 & 9 sleeping on the floor is considered an adventure. It’s considered fancy camping without any snakes!!!

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Or bugs (usually)

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@stanleybmanly The apartment was refurbished just before they moved in, but they were invaded by one huge, ugly spider the first month, so management had pest control come in and service the whole place.

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Oh. I got confused because you called it “their” apartment. @raum now that we know they are not grown, you can grumpily ask @YARNLADY why she has to buy the beds and why aren’t the parents buying the beds.

I say heck! Let ‘em sleep where they want. If they ever change their minds you can buy them beds then.

Bugs can get into regular, off the floor beds just as easily as beds on the floor. Bugs is not the issue, IMO. The issue is about comfort.

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Neither grumpy nor curious about that point. Lots of grandparents buy stuff like that. My in-laws bought us a crib.

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Have you considered hammocks?

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Still not clear a bout whether it’s mattresses on the floor or just on the floor boards. Makes a difference in the comfort level, I would suggest.

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They are the ones calling the shots! I could sleep anywhere when I was young. I sure can’t sleep on a floor any more.

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At 7, you could have propped me up in a corner & I would have slept well. Since it is at the grandsons request, I’d go for it & let them express when they become uncomfortable. At that point you can re-offer buying them a bed. IF their discomfort has reached its peak, I bet they’ll eventually take you up on it & even say THANK YOU!!!

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