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Ever discovered you were too fixated on something you realized you were not living your life as you should have?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26685points) September 15th, 2018 from iPhone

I’m starting to get a feeling I’m watching way too many movies, reading, dreaming and talking about stuff which may have led me all to nowhere.

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You have described me exactly in the regards you write about.

Sometimes, projects that HAVE come to fruitation in MY life—still haven’t yielded the results or outcome I have hoped, expected, planned, or dreamed about. But for the most part, there are dozens of projects, careers, etc that I started and they never got past the stage where I run out of steam or creative energy. Successful creative people really have to WORK to bring these goals into reality.

I think Adderall (Sp?) Dexatroam and similar medications help with this, as its sort of an ADHD thing. I used to have a prescription and it worked me with setting and keeping focus and keeping goals. I was taken off because it excellerated my heart rate, and its getting hard to get Adderall now because its abused—there’s a whole culture and stigma about it, but it works for those of us who lack the ability to focus and accomplish real goals.

If you can dream it then you can strategize it and get it accomplished. Just stay focused on what the next step will be, and really follow through with it. And, find something you really like doing (easier said than done) that pays enough money to pay the bills. That’s about all there really is to life anyway, but it can be more fulfilling for sure than it really is for most people.

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I’ve had obsessive crushes in the past a few times that have gotten in the way of my enjoyment of life. I am now on a romance free diet and life is going much better.

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When I get to feeling like that, I wean myself off of what I feel is affecting me the most. Often, I find that I don’t really miss it!!!

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