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Do they have low sodium instant ramen?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24657points) September 15th, 2018

Or would it be less un-healthy if I didn’t use the whole flavor packet? What can you substitute for the flavor packet? I have a hankering for beef ramen.

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The sodium is in the packet, find other spices, herbs and flavors without the salt.

Use the noodles just throw the packet away.

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@Tropical_Willie Ok I’m thinking pepper, garlic and mixed vegetables coated with margarine.

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You don’t need margarine; olive oil maybe. A little red pepper flakes and low sodium soy sauce.

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@Tw am going to the store now. Going to pick up garlic ramen and olive oil. Will update Fluther after I cook it

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Margarine can be high in trans fats.

Enjoy your dinner.

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I just water mine down a little and add mushrooms, peas, and corn.

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Home now from store. Got 15 ichyban on sale for $10 , extra virgin Olive oil, red pepper flakes and garlic powder. Will make after I get hungry again. Will add normal pepper and frozen veggies.

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Good ideas RDG. Take the Italian approach to noodles.

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I use to eat 2 Ramen at a time. Boiled with about 1 quart of water and ½ of one flavor packet. When cooked to preference, drain off most of the water. But it was still too high in sodium! So be sure the noodles aren’t high in sodium, because it isn’t always the flavor packet!

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Stir fry them after they’re boiled, yum. I hate the flavor packet.

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Add a little bit of vinegar to the soup water. It will give you that delicious “umami” flavor with no sodium.

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Ok update am making it now will tell how it turned out.

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Update: Was awesome.. I recommend it. Noodles were nice and sticky. Will have for lunch with my vitamins at 4:00pm every day.

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RDG Seems to me, you find experimental cooking a fulfilling hobby. What’s next?

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@stanleybmanly Saving money… by eating healthy. Then paying off my student loans. Taco meat soft tacos soon. Am having a potato phase. Tater tots, and shredded hash browns with shredded cheese

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No, I meant what’s the next cooking project? Whether you know it or not, you don’t want the same damned noodles every day for the rest of your life.

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@stanleybmanly Had shredded hash browns with shredded mozza cheese. Was perfect. Am full and happy with my meal.

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@all Update I tossed the Raman, and I eat berries, Special K and Red Berries Cereal. I stopped drinking pop, and only drink refrigerated tap water, milk, and not alcoholic vegetables cocktails (V8).

I am making frozen chicken wings now for supper.

I will ask my family doctor on July 8th about raw veganism.

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