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Can you help me figure out if this is real, or the weather reporter is actually faking it?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44181points) September 17th, 2018

I suspect the wind is real by looking at the tree tops. Also, you can see the wind whipping up along the standing water. This leads me to think that the teens walking into the picture were video shopped into the scene. Is that possible for the average person to do to a video, like we can with photo shop?
What do you think?

I am loving all the knock off videos this has spawned though! They are hilarious!


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Snopes says it’s real, but there is something about the kids that doesn’t seem right to me. The wind doesn’t seem to be blowing their clothes and they seem totally unaffected by it. They never go over the obstacles in their way…the road closed saw horses that were blown over and the concrete meridian. Their stroll doesn’t seem to be actually natural for the scene…but Snopes says I’m wrong.

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I think it is fake.
Look at the grass patch behind him. It is bending in the wrong direction.
At one point, there is also a leaf being blown across the road in the back ground. It moves quite slowly.

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So you think the reporter is faking it.

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Are you looking at the grass patch under the sign by him?

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It’s blowing in the same direction. He’s getting hit with the wind from behind. I gotta go look at the leaf again, though.

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IDK, man. The only thing that looks fake are the boys. Their meanderings don’t seem to fit with their surroundings. But…I have to go with the pros.

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He is pretending to be hit from the front. That is why he is leaning in that direction.

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I was watching on CNN and and a guy was getting hammered by the wind. Then he walked about ten feet forward and was fine. There was a building that broke up the wind and made it calm in that spot.

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I’ve watched it about 8 times and I can’t decide if it’s real or not.

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Slow news day, America?

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Thanks @chyna. Snopes says it’s real. :/

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