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What is a word that you hate? (makes you cringe)

Asked by SergeantQueen (11668points) September 17th, 2018


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I knew you were going to say “moist” before I even clicked on the question :P That’s universally reviled.

I don’t think there are many words that make me cringe based solely on their sound. It has more to do with meaning. Like, I think I’m gonna throw up if I hear the word “empowering” one more time. And if you use “cuck” unironically, well, you’re a cuck. :) (Although that one is partially based on sound. It’s just “cock” with the vowel changed. Sounds like shit).

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Moist! But that’s what came to mind before I opened this so it still stands.

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I really don’t get why people don’t like moist.. It sounds fine, and it is an apt adjective.

I really can’t stand incentivize.. Incent works so well and is shorter.

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“Blessed”. Like in “Have a blessed day”

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It sounds pornographic to me @zenvelo. It’s used to describe a woman’s vagina when she’s “excited.” I don’t know what anyone else thinks about it. Now watch. I’ll have a chance to play that word in WWF!

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I think of cakes or turkey’s when I hear the word moist.
I hate “tots” meant for totally.

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I have not heard “tots.”

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Anybody who talks like they text, like “tots” or “obvi.” Then there’s "moist" and "thicc."

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I probably spelled it wrong because it’s pronounced totes.

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I’ve only seen it spelled “totes”. Totes magotes. Kosh magosh.

It’s millennial-speak. :)

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“Chat.” My boss says “let's chat” about 50 millions times a day, and I hate it.

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Walmarts (add the S and I will smack you…lol)

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“Totes” sounds much more like “totally” abbreviated. “Tots” sounds like tater tots. Tiny tots.

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Daily Driver.

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My cringe worthy word is entitled. It seems to me that no matter who is tossing it around that they feel entitled to determine who else is entitled!!!

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Polka! LOL!!!

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“Prayers!” Don’t try to think too hard or too deep to come up with something to comfort the person.

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Moist? Really… huh. Same with wet? When I was a kid, we fed our cats food brand-named “Moist Meals” – they only really liked the one Special Nugget Of Nutrition per package, though.

I have several, but it’s hard to remember them because I try to hard to repress their existence from my conscious mind. Let’s see…

There are several sexual slang words I think are awful and wish weren’t in the language. I’ll spare everyone what they are.

dated (as in, “that coat looks dated”)

probably others I’m not thinking of.

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@LadyMarissa And why do we call them “entitlements” if we’re not entitled to them?

@Zaku “Thicc” lol. Never heard that one outside of memes.

I’ve been reading about the dislike of “moist” and I find it interesting. Is it because of its association with the often taboo female sexuality (“moist” and “wet” being words to describe the state of vaginas) or is it because of the word’s sound (though no one thinks the similar-sounding “oyster” or “voiced” are particularly unpleasant)? The mystery lies somewhere in there…

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@KNOWITALL Krogers is another one. ugh!

Snowflake. I love snow but disgruntled Trumpsters have ruined it for me.

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When people use the word smell to indicate wrong doing.

Polka? WTH? That’s hysterical. I like that word.

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If you don’t like moist you won’t like sapid or tantalising.

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Not the words, but context in which they’re said.

“Sorry for your loss”
“Right now” at the end of every bloody sentence.

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Sick, used in a good way. I can’t wrap my head around it.

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I’m a snowflake and proud of it @notsoblondanymore! To me it means someone who has compassion and empathy for others, and considers other’s needs as well as their own. IE, I’m perfectly willing to have my taxes raised so that everyone can have freaking health insurance.

We have been without it for 2 months now, and I had do go to the hospital. Fortunately it turned into an out patient process and they didn’t admit me…..but still. The bills are going to be insane.

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Hating today:


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