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Should I kiss her?

Asked by mistakendreams (51points) September 17th, 2018

we have been friends for a long time and yesterday i asked her out and i’ve wanted to kiss her for a while but i don’t know if i should or how she will react she like me ALOT and put up with a lot of my shit. but she still likes me i was planning on walking her to her class and kissing her before she goes in should i do it or no?
we are 16 JTLYK

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1) not without her OK

2) not on school grounds

3) not with her boyfriend looking.

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Maybe wait for the date since you already asked her out. That would be much nicer than in school. Good luck!

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Don’t kiss her in school in front of people. That’s a dick move. @elbanditoroso has it covered.

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It bears repeating: you NEED to ask her first.

And she’ll like it more, too. “I so want to kiss you; may I?”

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I know times are a changing; but, I NEVER liked being asked for permission to kiss me!!! Even when I wanted to kiss him, IF he asked, I always responded NO. I agree that doing it in school is NOT a good idea & I’d save it for a private moment like the date. DON’T force a kiss on her; but, I suggest that you slowly lean in & IF she doesn’t want to be kissed, she’ll pull away. IF she’s ready to kiss you, she’ll lean in to you & the kiss will be complete. At 16, I bet she’s just waiting on you to kiss her or she wouldn’t have accepted the date!!!

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@LadyMarissa – when you were young (which is probably about when I was young), boys could just reach over and do a smooch and not get into any trouble. For me, that was the late 1960s and early 1970s.

I believe that in the last 40+ years, and especially now, the tacit ‘boy reach over to kiss girl’ has gotten a bit less ‘correct’.

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We’re about the same age & part of my comment was precipitated by Q’s I’ve seen teen girls asking & commenting on so I think it has changed more for the adults than 16 y/o girls. Anyway, it was just my opinion & I’m sure @mistakendreams will do whatever they feel comfortable doing when the time comes & my opinion will go straight out the window along with yours

She might surprise everybody & kiss @mistakendreams first.

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Now I want to be a fly on the wall!

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^^^ Naughty chyna…their first kiss should be PRIVATE!!!

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I invited her over to dinner and she met my parents and we went out back to talk I kissed her and she left thanks for all the advise everyone I think she enjoyed it!!

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