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Has anyone used the software "FIXTUNES"? How did it work?

Asked by Mr_M (7596points) August 20th, 2008

So far, for me it stinks and doesn’t work right at all. I use Windows XP.

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yeah I downlaoded it about 3 months ago (then again a week ago) and is a hit and miss for me. Some songs are perfectly corrected with appropriate albums, artwork, and info, while others are complete mystery. Occassionally results have a intirerly different singers (e.g. I got a Wayne Newton instead of Lil Wayne)

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I have XP as well and have downloaded the trial version after I go over their limit (I company is too stupid to restrict the # of times you can download a trial version). I always check the results before I finalize the result. You may have to manipulate your original info (i.e. I go to iTunes to doublecheck the year and or album name) to recieve the correct results. I use it primarily to place a ablum artwork on my songs and group songs from the same album, which makes it easier to skim through when on my Ipod touch. Fixtunes is like the fluther search box, sometimes it gives you exactly what your looking for but other time it spits out a random result that has no connection to the inquiry. What issues are u having, Mr. M.

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1. It crashes frequently, even after I stopped the screen saver;

2. No. of files repaired EXCEEDS Total Number of Files;

3. I DUPLICATED my duplicates (so now I have 4 of each song);

4. Whenever I restart it, it continues at the number repaired. I want it to restart at zero.

5. Their tech support is a joke.

6. I BOUGHT the software and may demand a refund.

7. All I wanted it for was to get rid of my dupes!

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I use Mediamonkey to fix my tags and download album art and embed it into each song. Tag&Rename is also a very nice program for managing tags, but it is not free.

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Some how I think Mediamonkey would be perfect for Mr_M!

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