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What do you think of the name Rea Alanna King for a baby girl?

Asked by AlexJones746 (1points) September 18th, 2018

I thought of this name for my daughter due in 2 weeks. I was wondering what you think of the name does it flow well?

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I’m not big on the name Rea but I love Alanna!!! IF you want to keep both names, I’d suggest Alanna Rea King & I’d call her Alanna.

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Alanna Rea sounds smoother than Rea Alanna.

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Do you pronounce it “ree-uh” or “ray”? Or “ray-uh”

Avoid names that are easily mispronounced or made fun of. She may be called “raygun” or kids might say “she is rayking it in”.

Alanna is a beautiful name for a beautiful daughter.

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I agree that Alanna Rea flows better. Her initials would be ARK.
But it’s your baby so name her what you want. We aren’t the ones going through labor.

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Avoid named that can be turned into mocking nick names.
Guess what her classmates will turn “Alanna” into?

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There’s a downside to unusual names, whether spelling, pronunciation, or both. People are going to get such a name wrong.

My mother’s name is Merlyn, pronounced exactly as it’s spelled. But, for going-on 92 years, the world has tried to make it Marilyn, Merrilee, Meralynn, or some similar variation. She’s always disliked being called by so many incorrect things instead of her own name.

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@Love_my_doggie Reading the name in my head I pronounced it Marilyn as well..

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Not “Merlin”?

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The Rea part is throwing me off. I’m not sure if it is pronounced ray or ree-ah. My last name has been pronounced incorrectly and spelled incorrectly for my entire life, and it was annoying and exhausting to say it, and spell it and spell it and spell it, over and over and over, and then have to explain my family’s roots etc.

Don’t give your kid a name that people are not sure how to say it when they see it, or spell it when they hear it.

Also, I have this awful fear that if you switched the order, like some are suggesting, your daughter would get taunted with Alanna Rea diahrrea. Don’t do it.

I like Alanna by itself, or Raye, or Alanna Raye, but with the spelling the way you want it pronounced.

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@ragingloli Not “Merlin”? It’s pronounced the same as “Merlin,” but it’s spelled with a “y.” “Merlin” is usually male, as in the Arthurian magician.

Another example: Merlyn Mantle, the late widow of Mickey Mantle.

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The original spelling was Rhea and it is Greek for a flowing stream. ‘Alana’ or Alanna is Irish.

I don’t like first names ending in ‘a’ or ‘ah’. I like the name ‘Aster’, which means star.

Rhea Aster King sounds like a much stronger name to me.

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Yes & I’m assuming that it’s pronounced like Rhea Perlman the actress from Cheers who played Carla & is Danny DeVito’s ex. I can pretty much bet that no matter what name she gives her child that they are pretty much going to hate it!!! I’ve never heard a child say “oooo I love my name”. I used to joke that I was going to call my babies 1, 2, 3,etc until they could get old enough to pick their own names. That way, if they didn’t like it, they couldn’t blame it on me!!!

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Loves it!

Congrats kiddo.

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13 days until your due date!

I feel like we need to start a countdown or something…

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