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Which is the best airline for Domestic flights within the US?

Asked by kristianbrodie (153points) August 20th, 2008

I’ll be in the US in November and will need to take a couple of domestic flights between Washington Dulles and JFK – which of the many airlines operating between these two cities have a reputation for good service? Or, just as importantly, has anyone had any bad experiences with particular US airlines?

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Virgin America

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Skybus!! oh wait…they went out of business…

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There’s stats available online, although I’m having trouble finding anything besides this site:

Try poking around on Google.

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Just get the best deal. A flight between D.C and New York is what, an hour? These flights are so quick you don’t have time to notice how good the service is (or isn’t). Competition between domestic airlines is so fierce that they’re pretty much all the same anyway.

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Tone – you speak much sense. I am being foolish. I will take whatever’s cheapest!
Thanks for everyone else’s input too!

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I would take Amtrak. A three and a half hour ride for about $100. Or around $200 for Acela Express (very nice travel) Less hassle. More relaxation.

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Plus, once you arrive at the train station, you’re downtown. Fly into any NYC-area airport and you’re in for a long bus ride that will eat up a good deal of the “saved” time you bought
when you bought the airline ticket. And the buses aren’t cheap. And they don’t run all the time.

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Southwest is on time more than any other carrier and has a great labor relationship with employees. A lot of people don’t like SWA because they are a budget airline and don’t assign seats. I have never had a bad experience with them. JetBlue isn’t bad either, but they aren’t union and I always try and go with union businesses first.

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I find Southwest consistently reliable and cheap. Of course, they don’t have a lot of food, but no airlines do nowadays in domestic travel. They are also very good in terms of on time (as Astrochuc said) (except Chicago usually due to weather).

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If you are going between DC and NYC you can also look at MegaBus and BoltBus. There was a article about them in the NYTimes.

They sound much better then most buses in the US.

I would say Southwest is the way to fly in the US, but they do not fly into any LGA, JFK or Newark. In DC they only fly out of BWI.

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Amtrak sounds intriguing! Didn’t realise it was so cheap. Always prefer train travel to the plane, so this looks like a possibility!
Thanks everyone!

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SWA flies into Islip, but that’s a long haul to NYC. I agree in this case between those 2 cities, train or cheapest air. Train would be my choice and I usually fly.

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which ever one is flying the most direct route to where you want to go.

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