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Which SATA to USB cable do I get?

Asked by ScottyMcGeester (1897points) September 19th, 2018

I had a Seagate Backup Plus Hub 8TB External HDD that stopped working, so I tore open the casing to free the raw hard drive. I now want to buy a SATA cable to connect the hard drive to USB – but I want to be absolutely sure I buy the right cable.

The hard drive says SATA, AF. From my understanding, AF means Advance Format which just means it can hold lots of data. It’s not clear to me though if that means it needs a very specific SATA to USB cable

Would this cable still do?

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That looks correct.

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Just a thought but depending on the drive it may need additional power. SSD’s will work with the power from the USB port alone (in my experience) but 3.5” HDDs will probably need external power. For example

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Most new external drives use the smaller form factor that can be powered through the usb cable. The cable linked appears to cover the power.

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The seagate backup plus 8tb is a 3.5” HDD not a 2.5” drive. The current model on Amazon (which I’m assuming is similar to the OP’s) needs external power which I’m guessing seagate wouldn’t have bothered with if the drive could be powered over USB.

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I would probably just grab something like this to be safe since it is powered.

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@johnpowell Have you used that specific hard drive docking station? I bought a hard drive docking station from Best Buy last year I think. It was on sale and it did not work at all – I think because of Windows 10 incompatibility.

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I bought two of them – one with a power cord and one without. It’s a long story but I’m actually doing this for a friend. The 8TB hard drive needed the extra power. It didn’t work with the USB to SATA cable without the power cord. So I gave the one with the power cord to my friend since it was his hard drive after all and he was the one who needed it. I kept the other cable figuring it was a handy thing to own from now on.

I erroneously assumed that it would work. . .I fetched an old laptop drive I had – a very small 1TB one. I connected the cable to the hard drive to my desktop and you can hear it turn on and start whirring, but I cannot access it on my computer. Under “This PC”, I can’t see the drive. When I turn on Device Manager, it shows the device but with a ”!” next to it. I tried disabling and re-enabling the device, then uninstalling and reinstalling it – all to no avail.

I know this hard drive works because when I connect it to my desktop computer on the inside when I open it up, I can read the files. I checked to see if I needed drivers too but Windows says it’s updated.

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If it’s a 3.5” inch drive it’ll need extra power.

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