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What Fluther behaviors do you wish to atone for?

Asked by janbb (54187points) September 19th, 2018

As you may or may not know, today is Yom Kippur – the Jewish Day of Atonement. Just wondering if any of us want to admit to some of the bad Fluthering habits we’ve indulged in this year or in the past and ask for forgiveness.

I’ll start. I have gotten impatient at times with those who don’t see things my way, particularly politically and have trouble finding common ground. I also can be sarky and snide which I kind of enjoy employing but sometimes can be too mean with those who don’t warrant it.

Anyone else want to own up? Serious, semi-serious and humorous responses are welcome.

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I’m going through some serious depression, health, financial, and family illness shit. My thoughts that I express here I stand by. The way I do so may not be….let’s just say I’m not at my most generous, thoughtful, patient self.

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@notnotnotnot Hope all those serious situations improve and you see some sunshine again!

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I haven’t been participating enough. I used to write way more answers.

I’ll also own up to completely forgetting about the odd thread in need of moderation. I recently implemented a system of supremely annoying reminders that’s been keeping me on track.

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Got into the habit of letting our butler, chef, chauffeur & saucy maid from below stairs use my account here & well, although it gives them something to do of an evening, maybe I should stop or at least limit their output here.
You see, quite literally…we have staff for that!

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Being a Fluther schnorrer (do you like how I did that?).

When times get tough, as they’ve been for me for so long, I don’t carry my weight here. I haven’t been asking any questions or posting any thoughtful, well-written answers; just brief responses.

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^So pick up the slack now!

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Eh, I’m really busy and mom’s had some health issues lately, so my patience isn’t at full capacity. So I tend to get a little bitchy sometimes. I’m trying to only answer the lighthearted questions for awhile but it’s surprisingly hard…lol

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Picking shit just for grins.

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Using Fluther as a therapist and career counselor. When I was talljasperman. 5 years ago. Most of my angst worked itself out with fluthers help. Thanks I think I settled on Fluther contributer for now.

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Goofing on people’s typos and some of their expressions.

Whenever I think about Friend fries, or wanting French friends and loving fries, I’m crushed by a shame of Himalayan proportions. Being an unbalanced vegetable rights fanatic, sometimes my compassion for potatoes goes overboard. ;-)

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Sometimes I use Fluther as an outlet when I’m stressed out. Which means my answers can be coming from a tired and/or snarky place.

(Right now it’s 3:53AM and my mom is in the ER. Really shouldn’t be giving anyone advice on this little sleep.)

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@ragingloli So you want to atone for your negativity? :-)

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Well, I just wrote an answer and then deleted it because I’m not sorry and don’t want to promise not to do it again. I guess I’m just an unregenerate and incorrigible flutherperson.

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@Jeruba Yasss lady, agreed! I explained a bit but never apologized.
Mess with the bull, bound to get some horns.

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(But @janbb, I am sorry if I spoiled your thread.)

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@Jeruba I don’t mind. I was open to any and all on this. There’s plenty I do here totally unapologetically too.

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Eh. Every once in a while I feel bad about something I write, but I’ve forgotten the instances so I must not care that much.

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How long do you have?


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