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Can y'all help me find a special effects DVD?

Asked by Dutchess_III (39712points) September 19th, 2018

We bought a projector and it is SO COOL! I’ve always wanted to do the Halloween things they show on Facebook…but I don’t want to do the ungodly scary ones. I have no desire to terrify little children. I can’t seem to find any other kinds special effects DVDs though. I would like Christmas ones, maybe snow with Clydesdale pulling a sleigh, and Thanksgiving ones….maybe I’m just not putting in the right search perimeters because I can’t seem to find anything outside of the Halloween ones.
Can you help me look?

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Well you didn’t have to kill them off! COME BACK AND HELP ME!!

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Social question mods…social.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me No, it’s OK. They all were just giving me crap about using the word CD (compact disc) in the original question, rather than DVD, and the Fluther Gods want at least some semblance of helpfulness, even in social.
I guess I am on my own now. Sniff.

I am getting ready for a job interview! Wish me luck!

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Good luck!!

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There is a big group of pro and amateur practical effects artists in FB. If you join and post the question chances are you might get helpful answers. Good luck!

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Thanks @mazingerz88 . I will go find them.

I didn’t get the job, BTW.

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^ Sorry to hear that. Never feels good.

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Did not have any luck on FB…so I just went to Youtube and started typing. Looky what I found! Pretty much everything I want.
I’m going to try to load stuff to compact disc, or I supposed I could just hook my projector up to Youtube….

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