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How would you live your life, if you were Rappaccini's Daughter?

Asked by Brian1946 (24884points) September 19th, 2018

Rappaccini’s Daughter

This story is about Giacomo Rappaccini, a medical researcher who grows a garden of poisonous plants. He brings his daughter to tend the plants, and she becomes resistant to the poisons, but in the process she herself becomes poisonous to others.

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The subject of some heated existential college discussions! I always loved Hawthorne.

If your Q is meant literally, it still dovetails nicely with the metaphoric implications of the toxic possessive (likely abusive) father “protecting” his daughter from the attentions of (other) men.

If it were me, I’d run far and fast and get some quality help….

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As a paid assassin.

I would also go in and shake the hands of as many congressmen and senators as I possibly could and I would do that for free.

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haha, I love @rojo‘s answer but I would target pedophiles, child molesters, elderly abusers and all the scuzz buckets I could find.

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